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  1. Hi Shirleyboo. I've just read what was said about the facial fat transfer. So far so good with me but I hadn't realised that this procedure was illegal in Australia for the mentioned reasons about fat memory etc I will keep you informed if any changes though. It sound like your proceeding with dr Narupon. That's wonderful. Sure hope you get the results your after. Keep me posted eh. Regards. Leah.
  2. I went with dr Narupon for my face and neck lift. I also had some fat transfer in my eyes and cheeks. He did a good job and the hospital was fantastic as was the care taken by the staff. I would recommend dr Narupon and his team highly. I went through his agent Joice who looked after me brilliantly. If you would like further contact info and befores and afters you can send a message. I'm more than happy to help.
  3. I'm sure you've seen my posts that I chose dr Narupon in phuket. It was great. I'm happy with my results and its getting better bit by bit. If you'd like contact details and my before and after pix, happy to help. Regards. Leah
  4. I haven't had BA's with Dr Narupon but have had face and neck lift, also facial fat transfer and Botox. But speaking for ths surgery, I can recommend his work highly. Send me a message if you'd like to see before and afters. I think you ave to have confidence in your surgeon so recommendations are important aren't they. Cheerys. Leah.
  5. Hi. How did lucylea go with her surgery. I'd love to hear how she got on. I bet she's happy. I certainly am Cheerys. Leah
  6. Did you see my message Gail. very happy to show my before and afters. Just send me a message and I can email Also any other queries you have regarding Dr Narupon, just fire away. He's great. So are his agent and assistant Joice and Nock.
  7. Hope it goes well. I chose him for my face and neck lift. As well as facial fat transfer. I recommend him highly. Also his agent and assistand Joice and Nock. If you have any queries send me a message, happy to help. Leah
  8. I don't know about BA's but his face and necklifts were significantly cheaper than others in Phuket. Thousands actually. I recommend him highly. If you'd like to see before and afters send me a message. Happy to show them and recommend. He also has an agent Joice and her assistant Nock that can arrange obligation free quotes. Better than going through the hospitals direct I assure you. Their services were wonderful. Airport transfers, Transport to appointments, hospital vsits, you name it. Contact me anytime, happy to pass on details.
  9. I can only speak about Dr Narupon regarding my recent face and neck lift. He also did some facial fat replacement and Botox as well. He was an excellent surgeon so I guess if he can improve my face, I feel confident he can do the same for your boobs. Seriously, he is a very experienced and professional surgeon and I've heard heaps of comments about his great B A's so I believe your (boobs) are in very good hands. :-). Good luck. Leah.
  10. I've also heard dr Rushapol is a good surgeon. Make sure you get your neck brace, plenty of arnica and bromelain for swelling and bruising. (Check with your surgeon first to make sure he agrees). Mine was fine with it. Look after yourself with plenty of rest afterwards, no gadding about the shops more than you have to. Don't be afraid of taking your pain meds, why feel the pain when's there's something you can do about it eh Good luck, you'll be fine I'm sure. Best regards. Leah
  11. Gail I'm happy to send pix but don't know how to upload onto this site but if you'd like to send me your email address can send before and afters. Cheerys. Leah
  12. Hi Monica. Sorry this is the first time I've seen this post. Your right, I don't get on this site too often. I have sent you some pix showing my face and neck lift recovery. I'm pretty confident that as everything continues to settle and heal, my results from Dr Narupons surgery will be everything I could have wished for. No hiccups at all so far anyway. If you would like any additional info, just let me know. I'll be pleased to help in any way I can. Cheerys. Leah
  13. Hi. Yep I saw dr Narupon who was great. It's now week 6 and everything's healing great. I was in phuket for 2 weeks Dr Piyapas is good too (he did face and necklift for my friend) but he's a lot more expensive and in my opinion dr Narupon does a much better job Hs price was newly $3000 cheaper. Incredible eh. If you'd like me to email my pix send m your email addy. 2 of dr narupons agents Joice and Nock looked after me beautifully. Transfers, hospital visits with flowers, took me to change currency for best rate, you name it. They were truly amazing. I highly recommend their
  14. Yep you are welcome to see my pix. It's week 6 and everything is healing nicely. Even though dr Narupon has a private clinic, (cheaper) he sees his clients initially in his clinic, then you are admitted to Phuket international hospital for the surgery. It's a very good modern hospital. Highly recommend. Let me know if you'd like me to send photos. I can send to your email address if you like.
  15. I hope you've received plenty of recommendations now. There's plenty on this site now. When I first started to look about 2 months ago for anything on him, hardly anyone responded and could get very little info about him Since then I have had my procedures. (Face and neck lift and facial fat transfer) and I m more than Happy to recommend him and his work. I'm still healing of course but I'm confident of a very good result
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