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    BA. 315HP anatomical brazilians. From A to C cup.
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    Dr Harwood June 24 2013
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  1. I've had one session of derma rolling on my face, it made it feel nice and plump and improved the skin tone a bit. I'd like to have a series of treatments, but yeah it was also $200. What is PRP? Unfortunately, I've become quite disillusioned with the beauty industry and do not believe most before-after pictures are even real. It may help your stretch marks a little but I would be wary of paying a lot, because it may not work. Good luck! Please post again if you go ahead and actually rid yourself of pesky stretch marks - I hate mine too.
  2. Nic78

    Keloid Scar

    There is a gel called kelo-cote or something like that. Claims to work.
  3. sorry i just noticed in your title - PS for BA. Do you only want to go with Plastic Surgeon? Dr Harwood is Cosmetic Surgeon, but he does 8 BA's a week for the last 15 years or more. It is the only type of surgery he does - so he knows boobs!!!
  4. I went with Dr Harwood (Rejuvination Clinic Spring HIll) even though I live at the Sunshine Coast. I have been really happy with his service and love my results. You can come back home straight after surgery, you don't have to stay down there. If you don't want to drive to Brisbane for the follow up appointments, you can send photos and have a talk over the phone with him. He is a really lovely doctor, I'd recommend him to anyone. He also uses the furry brazilian implants which are supposed to be the best type to get. You will see a lot of his "girls" on this forum and everyone seems to be very happy. The cost is $9750.
  5. You can FR me too. I was 10A, now big c or small d (haven't been measured). I got 315HP teardrop. After years of wearing lots of padding, and fluctuating between pregnancies and breast feeding- no one has noticed! They are natural and full. I'm really happy I didn't go bigger or smaller.
  6. It was not good for me. I bleed for 7 weeks straight. Doc tried giving me the pill on top of implanon to try to stop bleeding. Did not work. Had it taken out. Now on Diane contraceptive pill. Really like it. No pimples and only 3 day periods!
  7. I hope it is just a cold/ful and not infection. Make sure you stay on the phone to the dr h's or his staff as much as you need to. Dont every worry you're calling too much. If it is a cold/flu - what terrible luck!!! Poor thing. Rest as much as possible. Keep you spirits up. The pain wont last. xoxo
  8. Nic78


    have you seen an art work called "the great wall of vagina"? look it up on you-tube. you'd be surprised all the shapes and sizes of the female anatomy. (especially if your only reference is the occasional flick through a porn mag or movie, you'd think all women were neat little hair free packages). and we are not. good luck panky! please post a surgery story. x
  9. It is not that bad!! Just plan to be out of action for a week. Hang around the house watching movies and doing as little as possible! Take the drugs around the clock. You can still move around, shower and dress yourself but you wouldnt want to do much. I went out to lunch day 7 post op, no drugs feeling fine. The first week is a blur, you'll get through it though. Then the one month mark is a big milestone. You can pretty much do anything pain free, sleep on your tummy, roll over side to side without being so cautious, exercise.
  10. I had IPL and got burned on my legs, in fact it still gets red and itchy in those spots to this day and it was 3 years ago... I should've sued that *****! But did reduce hair. i want to get a Phillips IPL machine, I've seen on eBay $330. Do my whole body myself. Another girl on here, emmajanexox ? Was raving about it, easy to do yourself and effective she said. harperharper, do your arsehole!!
  11. Oh no, Bee, I'm worried. I can't believe your recovery is worse, I wouldn't have thought so. Hit the valiums!! Take your mind off it. Hope the results will be great and worth what you're going through right now. Please update. Was your blood sugar levels a problem again?
  12. hi beenew. sorry to hear that you need revision surgery! (i havent been on the forum in a week or so). but it sounds stressful. will keep and eye on this thread and see how it goes for you. hope it is fixed up quite simply. xoxo
  13. i did notice on my right side it was looking a bit "halloween scar", i actually thought it was modors cords (have you seen a picture of that?) but it wasnt painful and that went away. could it be that?
  14. yeah day 5 would be today (day 1 being the day of surgery). you can leave it on longer, but if its itchy you could take it off. see how they look i guess, if they look scabby then they are healing well. and i know boobie greed gets everyone, especially when you see the great boobs on this forum, maybe spend equal amounts of time looking at your BEFORE photos!! and they do get bigger with the fluffing process around week 2.
  15. Yay!! The post I've been waiting to read. And sounds like it went so good, which is a relief after the rave I'd given you about Dr H. I can't believe you just got up the next day and took a flight! its really been a breeze huh! Your sugar low sounded scary, but glad you were in good hands. You'll know what to expect if you need surgery or fasting again. Hey dont worry about the bra or strap not being super tight to "push them down". Its actually to stop them coming up (although even that is just a precaution and most likely not to happen - so dont freak about that, some doctors dont even give the strap and dr h said he does just cause he's being really over the top precautions) The boobs dont really drop, they will fluff and look more normal, but I'm pretty sure that brazilians stick to the spot they are placed. they don't feel too high do they? if so, maybe just swelling. I saw dr h today for my one month check up. I'm so happy now.. it was a long few weeks of uncomfortableness but feeling great now and sleeping on my tummy like before. keep in touch with your progress. x
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