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  1. That's great to hear about the other girls! I'm so glad Amelia has moved onward and upward she was so down for a while about life so that's great. I am currently studying PT as well! Slowly working the forum out. Some really great changes! thanks for replying!
  2. Hahaha I also remember that thread fkn funny as! Bring it back to life ladies!
  3. Hey ladies. Thanks for the welcome! Foxy I do remember ur sis.... Nikki? i feel like the forum has changed soooo much, I'm trying to work it all out. i do know my sis in law had no worries with hers after and said they felt more natural. but I also know of a lady that her boobs look awful after BF hoping to get some real honest insight! i guess like you said tho I can always have a redo! My hubby thinks ill just have to Upgrade!
  4. Hi ladies I haven't been on here for a really really long time! so I'm 2yrs down the track and was certain I wouldn't have any more kids.... But I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm super anxious about wrecking my boobs! i was a B pre children went up to a DD whilst breastfeeding, deflated to a AA post breastfeeding and currently have a very perky, perfect set of DD. I'm concerned that now I'm pregnant, and if I get as much milk as I did with my 1st 2 kids I will stretch my skin even more and end up with some saggy DD Any women out there care to share their experience? love Kiddi xxx
  5. Yep I know what your talking about, your natural breast tissue is still squishy so moves more natural, my implants are super soft now so the whole lot squishes and moves all together, it is abit freaky looking at 1st though hehehe
  6. I had my surgery with Dr Tang in July so I'm now nearly 5months PO i don't get on here as often anymore but feel free to FR me and check out my pics
  7. I think most surgeons suggest, no weights/gym work until 6weeks post op. i found that once I did get back to exercising I was very weak from the long period of doing nothing. depending on what your lifting and how heavy it is you may not be able to do it.
  8. I have had a break out since my surgery and still trying to clear it up. It was all over my chest initially, and slowly moved up to my neck and shoulders I haven't seen a dr yet I'm hoping it will just go away, my chest it clear, but my neck shoulders and back is disgusting!!!
  9. Any TCI girls or dr Harwood girls have had twilight... I'd say that's prob nearly 1/2 of us heheheh I had it thought it was great, I fell asleep, didnt remember or feel a thing. If I had my time over I'd still go twilight
  10. I just answered some of these question in your other thread. everyone recovers differently but I was out and about fairly soon. you will most likely need to have more surgery down the track, you can get cc, rupture or just want to "up-grade".
  11. Bell It comes down to personal choice when it comes to PS vs CS but I would recommend TCI to anyone. i also think its best to get someone with experience and a good reputation. Cosmetic or plastic! tci have a great reputation and loads of experience. Dr Tang is doing perfect work and a lot of it. Personally I think you should at least have a consult with TCI. I saved thousands by going with them. dont be worried about the "twilight" your still asleep and can't feel anything. You fall asleep and wake up in the recovery room. You don't feel or remember a thing. You are not awake with twilight! i have 2 boys, but had my hubby helping for 2 weeks. Couldn't do it without him. my advice.... Make sure you plan your meals, chopping veggies is hard, anything you do with your arms is hard. Lifting the milk to pour into coffee or baby bottles is hard. Plan ahead
  12. Some girls get constant hard/erect nips after surgery, and if your surgeon requires you to wear no bra, or just thin crops it would be quite embarrassing.
  13. I've only ever read girls getting bigger. fingers crossed tarz u don't lose any
  14. I didn't get them, and I can't compare but I did have a consult with Dr H and he said they get just as soft but takes 6+ months. and yes if you get them make sure you go to a surgeon with experience with brazilians. ive got nagor and mine are squishy already
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