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  1. That's great to hear about the other girls! I'm so glad Amelia has moved onward and upward she was so down for a while about life so that's great. I am currently studying PT as well! Slowly working the forum out. Some really great changes! thanks for replying!
  2. Hahaha I also remember that thread fkn funny as! Bring it back to life ladies!
  3. Hey ladies. Thanks for the welcome! Foxy I do remember ur sis.... Nikki? i feel like the forum has changed soooo much, I'm trying to work it all out. i do know my sis in law had no worries with hers after and said they felt more natural. but I also know of a lady that her boobs look awful after BF hoping to get some real honest insight! i guess like you said tho I can always have a redo! My hubby thinks ill just have to Upgrade!
  4. Hi ladies I haven't been on here for a really really long time! so I'm 2yrs down the track and was certain I wouldn't have any more kids.... But I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm super anxious about wrecking my boobs! i was a B pre children went up to a DD whilst breastfeeding, deflated to a AA post breastfeeding and currently have a very perky, perfect set of DD. I'm concerned that now I'm pregnant, and if I get as much milk as I did with my 1st 2 kids I will stretch my skin even more and end up with some saggy DD Any women out there care to share their experience? love Kiddi xxx
  5. Hi :) I have sent you a FR as we have similar stats :)

  6. Sent you a FR. I just got 420cc XHP with dr tang. Would love to look at your progress pics. Xx

  7. Hi ! Sending a FR so I can see your results that everyone says at so amazing! 😝 I'm 10 day countdown! Xx

  8. Hey lovely can I add you as a friend. Looking for some of tangs girls everyone seems to be going with everyone else this year lol I have 8 weeks to goo woohoo xx

  9. kcat

    hi there, I'm going to dr tang also and would like to check out some of his results if possible! thanks!

  10. Sending FR :) i new on here, would love to see your BA journey

  11. Yep I know what your talking about, your natural breast tissue is still squishy so moves more natural, my implants are super soft now so the whole lot squishes and moves all together, it is abit freaky looking at 1st though hehehe
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