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  1. Hey Kiddi... I didn't actually give Dr. Harwood my exact measurements because I didn't know them at the time, I was just basing it off a previous consult I had with another surgeon. The other surgeon suggested I go for 435 on my left breast and 485 on my right because of my asymmetry. Judging from the photos and my stats Dr. Harwood said he'd probably use 380 on my left and 435 on my right. My stats are 160cm tall and I weigh 60kg. I'm quite curvy and I need to balance out my hips so that's why I think I can pull off a bigger size. It sucks that we won't know the size until the day... I'm staying in Brisbane for 5 days with my partner to make a little holiday out of it (well we'll be stuck in the hotel room the whole time I'm guessing). Are you flying out on the day of your surgery?