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    BA- Furry Brazilian Implants
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    Dr Harwood - 15 April 2013
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    Height 170 cm, weight 51 kg, bra size 10DD or 8E

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  1. I didn't tell anyone about my surgery apart from a few close friends and my immediate family. I was a b cup so that's small and an now a DD and I still managed to go without telling people! I told work I was just going to Brisbane for a week to visit my sister and when I came back to work I wore loser tops and blouses and no one seemed to notice. when I started getting more comfortable and wearing more fitted tops a girl at work said "your boobs look huge today" and all I said was " oh thanks" hahahah. Unless people ask me straight out "have you had a boob job" then I don't feel like they n
  2. Haha thanks girls convinced I've accepted your FR to be honest I'm not really familiar with the dropping process as I have brazilians and they do not drop they only fluff as they are positioned where they stay from the operation. I'm sure if you feel like you have little lower pole and you're only newly post op then you'd still have dropping to do
  3. Aw thanks landat no worries I'm glad to have helped with your decision this forum helped me so much when I was making my decision
  4. I have 375 cc XHP and love them. I've seen much "faker" looking boobs with the lower profiles to be honest. Not that that's a bad thing. But I think the XHP making your boobs look faker is a myth. Feel free to send a FR
  5. After reading it a bit more thoroughly instead of skimming it I agree it doesn't seem like it's something to worry over. The last paragraph says its an extremely rare and also easily cured cancer. There are many other things causing cancer out there. Seems like everything causes cancer!
  6. Wow that is scary. Can someone come in on this and say its all bullcrap please?
  7. Hi liss I am so sorry I don't get on the forum much anymore and I jumped on today and saw this! So happy for you having had your otoplasty surgery done! With the bandage I agree it's so annoying! I had the itching really bad although I didn't find it too uncomfortable in terms of the bandage pressing on my ears so I'm sorry I can't really help. I absolutely think you can get them redressed by a GP though. I just went to my usual GP to have my bandage removed after the week and she pulled out the stitches for me so I'm sure you can get yours re-dressed by a GP and they could even take a look
  8. I would definitely agree with everything Los said ^^^ particularly about the belief people have on brazilians not looking as natural - it's honestly ridiculous! My furies look more natural than any other girl I know that has smooths or textured! (not necessarily referring to forum girls - girls I know personally). It all comes down to size and placement and projection etc - and also how you wear them as well! Mine can go from looking fake, but also looking natural majority of the time. I do have very fake looking photos here on the forum, but trust me when I say it can completely change d
  9. The brazilians have no links whatsoever to cancer - they also use this coating on pacemakers etc not just breast implants good luck!
  10. Hi liss! So sorry don't know much about his work for breast implants although everything I HAVE heard about him with breasts is good I also honestly wouldn't judge before/after photos as I actually didn't really like any of dr harwoods website photos however LOVED his client photos on this forum. All dr harwoods photos on his website are very very new breast implants so of course don't look their best. I can comment on my ears though with dr belt though and LOVE the results and the whole experience I had with him. Are you just doing local anaesthetic? I would certainly recommend just goin
  11. Hi sarah I'll send through a FR for you to accept so you can see my before/afters for my brazilians
  12. I was able to shower straight away as I had water proof bandages so you may be able to shower depending on the bandages your surgeon uses
  13. Boomerang shaped pillows!! And also a u-shaped neck travel pillow for sleeping - these are a must!!! Also I'd add in a cheapy seamless cotton on yoga crop or similar - this saved me when I needed a break from the tight post op bra good luck x
  14. I am almost 11 months post op with brazilians and I am extremely happy with them they are certainly firmer longer than other implants, but if you're willing to be patient they certainly become nice and soft and squishy! Such a huge difference comparing my boobs now to when I first got them. Good luck with your decision and feel free to send a FR xx
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