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    BA- Furry Brazilian Implants
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    Dr Harwood - 15 April 2013
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    Height 170 cm, weight 51 kg, bra size 10DD or 8E

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  1. oh yes a nice hot shower feels awesome on the boobs, even now i still love it. you can just feel the muscle relax. try magnesium for the morning boob. i was taking it and i didnt get any morning boob. as for expecting more pain, my pain never got worse only better. although about 1 week ago i think i did too much and had swelling but its gone back to normal. i reckon you would have been dissapointed with the 330s too, your a tall girl and even though you are slim, i think height just eats up the cc's lol to smelling like a packet of peas, i reckon switching to heat is going to feel amazing, but if you use a wheat pack you will smell like wheat bix lol