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    Not sure - Dr Szalay or Dr Harwood?
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    165, 54kg and 10C
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  1. Oh so excited for you!! Cannot wait to hear about your experience, hopefully hearing more positive experiences from Szalay girls will soothe my cold feet haha
  2. Thanks Danijade! I know, lol trust me I've done all the research I can I think. I live on the GC so 90% of the girls I know have fake boobs, my concern is just how mine will end up feeling, but I guess this is just a concern I need to raise with my PS. I'm having cold feet and just getting nervous because I don't want to ruin or hurt my body, putting implants in would be great as long as I got the outcome I wanted.
  3. I used to be a DD, and now I'm a small C, I think that's why I'm having more difficulty because I know what it's like to have big perfect boobs and I guess I'm scared the implant won't live up to my expectations against what I used to have. But I also don't want to live my life always wondering, hence why I made this post because I have no doubt that others have had the same concerns!
  4. I've been getting really scared about going ahead with a BA because I don't particularly like the look of a lot of breast implants when naked, they look great clothed but so do my boobs haha - I'm worried that I'm going to get boobs that don't look or feel real. I'm sure that there are plenty of others who have had this same concern - how did you deal with it, what did you tell/ask your surgeon and what CC/shape did you go for? I've uploaded photos of myself pre-surgery (argh), I don't even know if I should go ahead with surgery as I don't hate my boobs I just hate them side on and that I
  5. dutchy

    Dr Szalay

    I'm booked in for consult on the 17/08, might try see Harwood too! Very excited to see him and hear what he recommends because I honestly have no idea what shape or size I want or what would look good on me!
  6. dutchy

    Dr Szalay

    Oh good luck Dinula!!! Hope it all goes well, cannot wait to hear about it.
  7. dutchy

    Dr Szalay

    thanks for the FR partycakes, your photos look great!! You cant notice much of a size difference but I know that we all notice it more on ourselves. Have you spoken to him about it?
  8. dutchy

    Dr Szalay

    Have you had your consult with him yet Tayo83? I'm seeing him on the 17th of August, so excited to see what he recommends etc and hopefully have a look at more of his before and afters!
  9. Hello lovely ladies Can any of Dr Szalay's BA girls please contact me would love to hear your experiences with him
  10. thanks everyone who has replied I've sent a few of you friend requests! At the moment I'm definitely between Dr Harwood and Dr Szalay - I loveeeee the look of Szalay's work on his website, not a fan of Harwoods but there is just so many happy patients of his on here it's hard to ignore!
  11. I'm hoping to hear from some recent BA girls on the GC or Brisbane, I already have one surgeon in mind but would like to hear from recent patients and see photos if possible because i'm so nervous! I'm current 10C, 54kg 165cm - used to be a 10D-DD naturally but lost the fullness due to losing a couple of kgs If anyone has similar stats and recommendations I would love to hear from you!!
  12. Wow thanks everyone for your replies and information! How is your recovery going? Any tips on someone going in for the surgery, would you definitely recommend Dr Doyle or was there any negatives etc?
  13. Hi there, I am planning to have a consultation with Dr Mark Doyle on the Gold Coast shortly hopefully in order to have my rhinoplasty procedure in late April/early May. I have met with Dr Craig Layt but after approximately 12 months of research I haven't felt that there is enough reviews and information about his work for me to proceed. I am having my deviated septum corrected, the dorsal hump in my nose removed and the tip of my nose slightly reduced, however, I like many others am not looking for the perfect nose, just my perfect nose to suit my face so I'm looking for a surgeon who has pro
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