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  1. Good to see your feeling better today. Yes betadine gargle is great for a sore throat.
  2. Panda1 sent you FR hope thats ok as we are both April girls yay not long to go now
  3. Thanks Kylz i could not find the list and gave up thanks heaps owwww i am 5th on the list cant wait good luck to all the April girls
  4. Good luck Lois hope every thing goes well
  5. Who did your sister have fox i have Tom Tan and I am hoping for pre med. Hope you start to feel better soon and congrats they look great
  6. Congrats fox good size choice.Congrats to nikki will look at pics now
  7. Good to hear your not feeling sick from the GA S.A. Shame about the pain though xxx
  8. Good luck tomorrow Nikki hope all goes well can't wait for pics
  9. Hi Sezzy just sent you FR hope thats ok i am with Mark also. I get mine done on the 5th April
  10. That"s good to hear. He is very understanding. So now your an April 2013 girl as well YAY
  11. Good luck for tomorrow fox Choosing the size is the hardest part
  12. mum4


    Thats what the lady that did the mammogram said fox she said he obviously does not know much about surgery at all and that i should not worry about it so much, she actually called him a quack in the end very funny. Thanks ladies;)
  13. mum4


    Exactly the same Nicnac as i am getting done and as the other ladies have said its all on the same area. But when i first went in for a referral he told me i would not be able to get it all done at once 1 PS agreed with him BUT another 2 have said differently but i spoke to a few friends today who said it was no different as well but i would rather ask on hear as i dont even know anyone who has had any breast surgery other to have a lump removed.
  14. I have a question i went to see my GP as Mark wanted me to get a mammogram done before my OP and my GP says i will probably get an infection from my BL,BR,BA,and 1 nipple made smaller because i am getting so much done at once apparently my risk will be higher the lady doing my mammogram said this was untrue and it will be no different to any other surgery's chances of infection. Has anyone else had a lot done at once and did you get a infection????? Really getting nervous about a lot of different things now like i am feeling my size may be to big now i cant win my mind is playing all sorts of games:(
  15. Ough Nicnac next time i see him i just know i am going to think of this thread and start laughing witch will be ok because it will be my surgery day and he hopefully will just think i am nervose...lol
  16. Good to hear everything is ok thats fantastic news;)
  17. I agree with thefox take some bras to your next appointment with him and show him the evidence so he can see it for him self. I would also get the opinio of another PS just to be shore i really hope he fixes it for you free of charge as you should not have to pay again. Hope it all works out for you soon and then you can be happy:D
  18. Good luck and i hope you feel back to your self in no time keep us updated:D
  19. Wow cant help now i feel old have not been out for years and cant remember any cool places
  20. Would luv to see them will send you FR hope thats ok
  21. That looks really sore if the redness spreads anymore i would say thats salulitis (hope spelt right) keep you eye out to see if the red area gets any bigger
  22. This is s great question because i really would have paniked if i could not breath properly so thanks again
  23. I am also very worried about the pain as well as panadine forte and endone make me sick so i really hope thete is other good pain relief as well as those but i will keep reminding my self how long i have waited for this
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