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  1. My PS is telling me not to wear on for a few weeks thanks for your comment though i will ask again to be shore
  2. Yes i have read there great for support and swelling so was just really wanted one for support of the extra weight cos i will have drainage tubes that are supposed to help with the swelling side of things so its more for the weight... Thanks everyone
  3. Just wondering opinions on weather wearing a bra post op is good or not thought it was to keep swelling to a minimum but Mark says not to i am happy with that i think the presher would be painful. Has anyone thought wearing one made a big difference or did you wear one and wished you did'nt have to
  4. Yay congrats on booking your date
  5. Shore i am 5 ft 4" and i weight 74 kilos i though the bigger size made me look slimmer but thats my opinion
  6. I have a deformity so my right Breast is a bit bigger than an A cup and the implant will be 420cc and my left is bigger its a C cup and the implant will be 370cc but i keep thinking i am 37 and have 4 children. Think it may be to big but everyone says no go for it
  7. Well i have a date for my BA with Mark for the 5th of April. I am really excited but i am a bit worried about 2 things the first is pain hoping i wont be a big sook the other is the size really feel i may have gone to big but he had no concerns so i should be ok guess i can still go foe another appointment before my BA date and change if i really feel the need. BUT i am really excited and cant wait;)
  8. I also went to the plastic surgery centre and was quiet happy with quote and manner but decided i would get a 2nd opinion to be shore so i went to Mark and found him to be fantastic listend to me but also explained to me why he was going to do it a certain way he is fantastic and i also feel more comfortable with the over night stay that Mark has that the plastic surgery centre did'nt offer and i am now booked in for surgery on the 5th of April. Good Luck
  9. Thanks everyone i went ahead and got a appointment with craig on the 7th of March so i will see what he says then thanks for your help xx
  10. Ough no haha i am just wondering pain wise how it is at this stage and if your on pain reliefe still?
  11. i cant wait got to try to remember i am 36 and a mother of 4 or alse i will end up getting ones that are to big. But feel like i have been waiting for ever.
  12. No new i did i was originaly told a few years ago i would need 2 surgeries 1st to repair then 12 months later BA so very happy i have been told by 2 PS now i can have it done all at once
  13. I am very happy with Mark so not shore if i should get a second opinion off Craig did everyone get a second opinion? Its not a straight forward BA as i have a slight deformity that Mark will fix as well has anyone had deformity fixed by either Mark or Craig before?
  14. Good luck for today hope all goes well
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