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  1. Thanks for the reassurance ladies. It seems like its just a natural feeling from us women/mothers lol
  2. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone out there has feelings of guilt? I'm ready to get a tummy tuck, just waiting so save up a little extra cash snd my husband to work up some extra leave. I just feel selfish spending that kind of money on myself when I could use that money towards other things like renovations or a holiday for the family. Did anyone else feel apprehensive about spending such a large amount of money on themselves?
  3. I'm from Latrobe Valley only problem is there is no plastic surgeons around here and have to travel to Melbourne. Not that I mind its just not having my ps close by makes me worried if I have any concerns post op tt
  4. Thanks for the advice Sydneymum. I'll have to look into it. It's just so confusing trying to find the right surgeon
  5. Hey all. Just wondering if anybody can recommend surgeons in Melbourne and what their experiences where with them. So far I have been recommended to dr Kalus at the avenue. Also wondering if there are cost differences between surgeons ie cheaper or more expensive Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  6. Hi ladies. I'm very new to this forum and so far has been very helpfull. I'm getting a tummy tuck some time this year and am very excited. My only issue is that I'm from country Victoria and have to travel over 2 hours to Melbourne to visit my ps. Did any other ladies have to travel to see their ps? Did you have any concerns with the travel after the surgery? Did you have anybody local that you could see if you had any concerns with your tummy tuck instead of traveling to your ps? I have no other concerns about getting a tummy tuck except for the travel Any advice would be much appreciated
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