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  1. It is great to hear from someone 1 year on. I have also sent you a FR.
  2. I would not want to be flying back in an economy seat. That would be uncomfortable.
  3. I had a very big muscle separation as well Janet but did not have that around 5 weeks. How long until you can see your PS? Would a GP know what to look for?
  4. Sultan


    My PS said to qualify for the rebate with a BL your nipple must sit below the breast crease. I believe if you have a GP referral then you will get the rebate back on the initial consult even if you dont qualify for the rebate on the BL.
  5. Hi Janet. I had the lump under my scar removed this week under local and it is not sore at all. The little bit of lipo I had done above my belly button on the other hand is super sore!
  6. I had a TT and went home after 2 nights but could have left after one night. I dont know how much harder it would have been with a BA. I did use my upper body strength and arms a lot to move and lift myself out of bed. I assume you cant do this after a BA?
  7. I cant see your pics but if you went from not a lot to decent size breasts then the contrast is more obvious and probably why he has commented. I agree that you should tell him to wait and see as it is far too early now to get any real sense of how they will look once everything settles down.
  8. I agree with JJMelb that you should see a physio first who specialises in post- natal and who conducts an ultrasound to see how bad the separation is. I had a TT after I was left with a massive separation after twins. However I also had stretched skin from being petite and carrying good sized twins full-term. It is a big operation so if you could fix the problem via a non-surgical option then it is worth a try.
  9. Nbsplasher - I would have been fine in that period. When I say fine I mean I could attend and do stints of standing up and sitting down. I would not have been dancing much and would have been exhausted by the end of the evening. I probably would only have made the effort to go for a close friend or family. The problem is that everyone has a different recovery. While I was on panadol within a couple of days and recovered quickly - others have been on strong painkillers much longer and taken weeks before they felt anywhere near back to normal. It is impossible to predict how you will be.
  10. November is a long way off when you are in pain. Has your PS said why you must wait so long?
  11. I will be honest and admit I would be furious with my father if he was stupid enough to go down this path and I would definitely think the woman is a gold digger. I wouldn't allow him to manipulate me into having a relationship with her either. Have you thought about meeting him with all of your siblings and telling him that you don't want a relationship with her and shouldn't be forced to do so? Are you concerned about him losing his assets? I would be annoyed at that but ultimately it is his money and he can do with it as he chooses.
  12. Georgia when I said contribute I meant any contribution financial or otherwise. My comments are not about staying at home or working they are about expectations and entitlements that are not equitable nor reasonable.
  13. I agree - there should not be any providers of surgery or surgery-related products on this forum. It is supposed to be an independent place to seek advice and reviews and that is not possible when providers post on here with moderator approval. It is an outright conflict of interest.
  14. Ace - I am not anti traditional relationships at all, even though I don't have one. I am anti women who believe it is their right to contribute little while their partner contributes a lot and if he does not do so then he is labelled a loser.
  15. Ace - scary spice said it is a man's pleasure and purpose to provide for his woman and children and not allowing him to do so emasculated him. I find such archaic views both offensive and discriminatory to men. It reduces them to sperm doners who bankroll the mother of their child. A man does not owe a woman anything. He is not responsible for her financial well being anymore than she is responsible for his. I find this view to be prevalent on this forum and am quite saddened that women in 2013 still hold such views.
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