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    Breast augmentation in Thailand
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    Dr Teerasit - 10 April 2012
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    170cm - 55kg - 10a/b
  1. Hi Nikki, I have sent you a FR - I've been reading your story, THANK YOU! It's helpful. I'm off to Bangkok in October for an areola lift with implant. I have similar stat's to you so I would love to view your pic's. Bussogirl x

  2. Seafolly have a fantastic halter top but it's about $90. http://m.asos.com/mt/www.asos.com/Seafolly/Seafolly-Pin-Stripe-Halter-Bikini-Top/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1888710&cid=2238&Rf-400=3157&sh=0&pge=9&pgesize=12&sort=-1&clr=Pinkandwhite I've tried it on and so supportive, really brings ur boobs together! It is pretty low though so def try on and maybe go up a size, it ties at neck and back They also have a good selection for even bigger cup sizes.
  3. Nikbri I just realized how alike our stats are! My 425cc's have given me a DD/E as well! Gotta love dr t. Few words but very good!
  4. Thanks ladies. I have smooth round high profile. That's exciting, not long to wait now! I have heard some great reviews on Poomee too. Good luck and enjoy the adventure, it's over way too quickly!
  5. So it's been awhile since I've been on here! Quick update I promise I'll be short! I'm now 6 weeks post op with dr teerasit thru ght. I had 425cc HP mentor silicone under muscle thru crease. I was a 10a now I'm a 10e/dd depending on bra. I'm so happy with my results! They sound big but no one at my work noticed cuz underclothes are normal sized. I can make them look pretty big though hehehe. Ght - wouldn't bother using again. I only paid the booking fee because I didn't know u could book direct. They didn't do much at all to justify the $99! Dr teerasit - man of few words so do ur research! He is lovely and explained everything but I had done my homework for over 12 months so was ok. I saw him once after surgery then 2 more times before I flew home. He gave me his email too so I have sent him plenty of updates. I had my right incision open slightly from overdoing it at work too soon so that scar isn't as perfect but it's only me and my husband who will see Overall very happy to recommend Bumrungrad and dr teerasit to anyone! If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer x
  6. U can buy everything there cheaper except arnica. I paid 300 baht each for ice packs at the chemist. Only other thing I bought was laxatives thanks to the horrible codeine in the pain meds. Dr t will take bandages off before u go home and give u the strap but u don't start wearing it for a few days. U'll have tape at the sides of ur boobs for support I guess. He doesn't like u wearing a bra so they can drop naturally. But because I had a natural gap my implants sit apart a bit more so he said to wear a wire free bra at night only. It's more comfortable than nothing! Hardest part was finding clothes to wear first couple days which didn't show the strap or my high beams lol

  7. ohhh glad to hear it :) i'm sure they'll turn out awesome, hope you get those D's. thanks for the tip. my prep is going well, starting to write lists for packing and what I will need to buy haha.. getting very excited and a little bit nervous! what does Dr T usually do post-op in the way of keeping bandages on, using a strap etc? x

  8. I took my husband with me for help to keep me realistic with sizing (make sure I didn't look ridiculous!) but he was no help anyway. Got in there and he was so overwhelmed with info that I had already researched that he went blank lol
  9. Hey prue! Recovery going pretty well. I'm now 15 days post op. had my stitches taken out at 13 days although heads up dr t prefers they stay in for 3 weeks! I was scared of railroad scars so my gp had a look and said it was ok as they had sealed, I just need to be careful still. Pain has been so fine. Had tingly times with nerves reconnecting and sharper pain today from walking around shops too much lol. Just feels weird. I'm still quite numb underneath but I think it'll come back. Still in wirefree crops/sports bras until they settle more too. I can't wait to go bra shopping and get fitted, dying to know what size I am! Hoping to get to those D's I was aiming for! Hehe. How's your prep coming along? Not long to go now!

  10. How is your recovery going girl :)

  11. Not long now. Are you getting excited? I am.:)

  12. Thank you. Not sure yet, did the rice test at 425 which was pretty good but no idea how that converts etc. going to see when I'm there
  13. I haven't told anyone at my work and I wonder about this too, whether to be upfront with "yep i got two great wedding presents from my new hubby!" or just deny deny deny lol. My office is 50/50 men and women and mixed in ages. So not sure at all how to respond!
  14. Hi just saw ur MSG thanks! That's exciting, I'll probably see u as I go in for my consult. My fiancé and I are traveling Thailand before surgery so this will be at the end of our trip. Getting so excited! That's great you'll have your mum there!

  15. Hey prue just saw ur msg. Yes getting very excited! We are flying in in the 25th march with surgery on 10th April. Im resisting doing the countdown, just makes it drag out lol. It didn't seem that long ago that I was counting 4 months to go! Can't wait now, i'll let u know how I go!

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