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    I'm looking at having Breast augmentation and a lift. After 3 kids I'm very keen to perk up and fill my very sad deflated breasts.
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    Dr Boonchai 25th June 2013
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  1. WOW! I bet you are excited! You lucky thing starting your journey Saturday hehe! I am super excited for you, I can't wait to talk to you on the other side hehe <3 and I wrote you a reply on the June thread before I saw this - oopsie hehe! Argh study is so hard. My first 2 exams were OK cuz the forum was down and now I am just way too excited about booby day and reading everyone elses experiences to study. But in less than 24 hours it'll all be over so I need to try and concentrate :? So you didn't finish your PT course? If you didn't, do you think you will finish it one day? :) And I would love a glass of wine right now just to get me through the last night of study, it would really help haha! Maybe a bowl of ice cream later instead ;) xoxoxox