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  1. PlayboyBunny - have you used NakedTan? I have sensitive skin and have never had any issues
  2. Hi! I have emailed his office, so I'm waiting to hear back. I just don't really understand what is required, but I will be interested to hear what Dr Szalay thinks. I'm being such a perfectionist, but I want perfect boobs!!!!
  3. So I have been considering having a BL for a while now (and possibly upsizing), so I've been in touch with a surgeon to discuss via email etc. and this was something he raised in regard to the placement of my current implants - "you made need part of the capsule closed up so that both the breast and the implant sit higher on the chest." Can anyone possibly shed some light on what this means/would entail? I'm now unsure on whether I should just completely start over, or if this is quite simple and nothing to worry about. I have overs, so I'm not sure if they have moved and this has created the problem. I actually don't understand at all what this means... (Anyone, feel free to point Don in this direction she is the guru of all things booby). Thanks xx
  4. Liz2008, I have silimed round overs, and I love them I also felt really anxious in the lead up to surgery, and majority of women here do seem to have dual plane or unders, but your surgeon has obviously recommended what he thinks will work best. Try not to stress - easier said than done I know! Best of luck tomorrow xx
  5. I agree with everyone else hun - go for the job You can always postpone surgery to a date that suits you, whereas you may not be able to put off the recruitment until a more suitable time. Congratulations on getting this far with your application!
  6. Miss la, what surgeon did you see for your BL? I haven't yet found one that will perform a BL without replacing the implants.
  7. Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Girls, and maybe a little Nip Tuck if you don't mind watching an older series
  8. I would love to hear if this is possible. I would love to get a BL, but so far all I've been told with doing a BL after a BA is that you're unable to keep the same implants. Does anyone have any personal experience with this?
  9. Well I was told that I required a lift for my desired result from 2 out of 4 surgeons, but I decided to only go ahead with implants only to try and fix the problem. I opted for 565 over's, which I love, but a year on I still have that little voice telling me I should've had the lift the first time around. I will definitely be going back in a year or two for a BL and to change from XHP (which I needed to 'lift') to a lower profile (personal preference). I was also told at all of my consults if I didn't opt for a lift I would still require one within 8 years. Honestly, in hindsight (and if I'd had a bit more patience to save the extra few thousand), I would've had the BL & BA at the same time. Thats my two cents worth x
  10. @Lover I was quoted $13k at TCI for BL+BA I would love a lift and to go bigger lol! In comparison though, I was quoted approx $8.7k for the same procedures with Dr. Veerawat, so plus flights and accommodation it works out being quite the same cost! I wonder if the pricing has changed recently at TCI?
  11. Hi all, I am looking at options for my mastopexy this year and was hoping to hear some experiences with Eddy Dona, Paul Belt or Terrence Scamp? Also, the prices seem to vary quite considerably, so if anyone could shed some light on this topic I'd love to hear it I'm unable to get a clear answer on what my private health covers (hospital and extras - BUPA) and I've had quotes ranging from $5,000 to $14,000 for the lift alone. I might have to upgrade these 565's! Not sure how xHP will look once its lifted... Who else here has xHp who'd like to share pics? I'm concerned about side view and whether I should go up to 600's (ish) with medium profile.... Thanks
  12. HarlowAudrey, what sort of price did your BL and BA come to? I am booking my BL for this year and was interested in Dr Donas work. I'm not sure whether I will change my 565s if I have the lift - I have xHP and not sure whether to go to a high profile.
  13. I've got overs. I had a lot of sag so round overs were my best option I love them
  14. I bet you look amazing even in those big arse bras! Haha. That sucks that its so limited, especially with the need for larger sizes these days! But good to know you were still able to find something to fit
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