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    Breast Augmentation - Currently deflated 10B after breastfeeding my beautiful son. Hoping for a 10E post surgery! 420cc submuscular at The Cosmetic Institute
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    159 cms - 53 kgs - 10B pre-op

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  1. Twilight sedation is awesome! The nurses in the hospital room at TCI had quite a bit of trouble waking me up afterwards I was so out of it.. haha! I don't remember anything from the procedure at all. Dr Tang is a perfect gentlmen and fantastic surgeon!! The twins and I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary on the 21st of March this year and I love them more every day... haha
  2. It will be a year in March since I had my BA at TCI by Dr Tang and I highly recommend that you give them a call. My whole BA experience was amazing, thanks to TCI and I am so happy with the results. Feel free to ask any questions you might have or send through a friend request to see pics
  3. I had 420 cc placed under the muscle on the 21st of march and this morning I woke up with a sharp pain under my right breast which came on and off depending how I moved around. Tonight I looked to see if anything was visible and have noticed a new red line that is painful to touch. I have emailed a picture of my surgeon and am waiting a response... I haven't been wearing wired bras, so I'm not sure how it has happened? Appears that I have done something in my sleep! Has anyone else had this problem? I am hoping that it will heal on its own.
  4. Firstly - your man sounds like he's being an absolute a*%hole! Secondly, I also had majorly wonky boobs for the first couple of weeks.. I wouldn't even take any photos of them without trying to position them so they looked even as I thought they were wonky because my son only breastfed on one side! But now, 6 weeks on, they are almost completely even and I can now see it was just the healing process being different for each boob. Definitely ask your PS, but try not to worry about it yet.. They will change shape ALOT in the next few weeks. I am exactly 6 weeks today and am really happy wi
  5. I completely understand how you feel! I also love my girls and am so happy with them - yet when I think about the other things I could have done with the money... It really is a lot of money! Thank God I found TCI and it only cost $6,000.. I'm not sure I could have bought myself to spend more. A great post Hun!! And definitely something that every woman needs to carefully consider
  6. hey hun!! I just saw your pics and you look fantastic! I honestly think the sizing is perfect for your frame and they are going to soften up, drop and fluff quite nicely. I referred to my ladies as frankenboobs for the first 2 weeks as they seriously looked ridiculous! Almost 6 weeks later and they are so much softer and have dropped down a lot and are starting to fluff out. So don't worry about what your boyfriend is saying - It is very hard for men to understand that it's a process and doesn't happen overnight.. Your body has been through major surgery and will take time to heal and adjus
  7. Lol I don't remember talking to anyone in recovery!!! The extra pain killers were wonderful I owe you!! I'm camera shy too - will make for an interesting video!! Haha
  8. Lorna Jane have a very supportive seamless sports bra at the moment.. It only comes in pink and orange, but it's the first sports bra I'm going to try after my post-op bra.. On that note, how long did you all wait until changing to a sports bra?
  9. Like Mel said above - TCI were absolutely amazing!! Thanks for the extra pain killers Mel - sorry I didn't wake up in time to meet you though. Looking forward to catching up on Thursday Tasha mentioned that she wants to get us to do a joint testimonial for Facebook which will be fun.
  10. Hey mummyof3 Have you been subscribed an anti inflammatory pain killer? The pain/titghtness when I woke up today was making breathing very difficult and I have found this is the only thing that has helped! That and lying on the cold tiles flat on my back.. Of course I needed help getting back up after passing out! But the tight feeling felt so much better afterwards. I'm only on day 1 though, so I'm not sure if any of the above is going to help. Hope you are feeling much better soon!!!!! xx
  11. Thanks for all the well wishes My experience today was overall really good! The staff and facilities at TCI was amazing! Every one was extremely professional, friendly and helpful and the facilities are all brand new and kept clean. All of the little things from the self-warming blanket I was given before surgery to use and take home with me to the massaging stockings that they put on my legs during surgery made for a great BA experience The recovery room is like a mini hospital and initially I was in quite a bit of pain after waking up, getting dressed and being wheel chaired to th
  12. Finally this day has arrived!! Currently sitting at The Cosmetic Institute all dressed in my outfit and waiting to be admitted to surgery.. Ill let you all know how it went tonight!
  13. I'm booked in with The Cosmetic Institute on 21 March So excited!!
  14. I am also booked in with Dr Tang for a consult on the 2nd of March... I've only heard good feedback about the Cometic Institute and have already booked my surgery in for the 21st of March!! Hopefully everything goes well at the consult and I'll be comfortable to go ahead with the surgery Would also love to hear your feedback after surgery Nikki Lee. Good luck, I hope everything goes really smoothly for you!!
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