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    Terrora got a reaction from wantboobs in Seriously considering having my implants removed   
    So what is your decision?
    I have never regretted having them removed. I started thinking the same as you "what if he likes big boobs?" And I was worried they would be saggy after having D's for 4 years. (They weren't- I have never had kids and they looked the same) So I looked into having a lift,,,in case "Mr fictitious" didn't like droopy boobs)
    Then I said out loud "So what??!!" I spent a lot of my life worried about what some man (whom I have never met) would think about my small breasts. Crazy!
    Prior to having them done,what pushed me over the edge was that I was dating a guy who said he didn't mind that I had small breasts...or that he liked small breasts. Just before we broke up I found a list of about 4-5 porn websites by his computer,all about big breasts....for instance www.giantjugs.com etc,,all about big breasts. I was so deflated. We broke up but I was convinced that men only want big breasts. Now I could care less. Am I going to keep getting surgeries in anticipation of what some guy might like.
    I have told several guys I dated that I used to have implants. The main consensus was that they were glad I had them removed. One guy said that if I still had them he would ask me to remove them (we were talking marriage)
    Bottom line,,,do what YOU want,,nobody is out getting surgeries to look good for us
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