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    BA & BL
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    Bangkok 8th April - Dr Suchart Bangkok Hospital Bangkok
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    164cm/64kgs/12C wanting to go to a 12D or DD

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  1. Hi all I would highly recommend you take translation cards with you in case you encounter nurses with limited English. Basics like "I am in pain. please bring me pain relief pills" and "I need help getting up" etc. CHEERS
  2. Hi i had a BA & BL a few weeks ago and was swimming in hotel pool 5 days later when doc had cleared me to shower. I had all disolving stitches. But I was only paddling as upper body too weak to swim swim as had unders. cheers
  3. Hi DB mucked me around - changing surgeon last minute plus kept emailing an old email address after repeatably telling them not too. I always dealt with Wa. I would not recommend them. I went direct to Bangkok hospital (dr suchart - head PS). CHEERS
  4. Hi I had a BA & BL 2 Days after I arrived & then flew home 7 days after op. Plus went back to fulltime job next day. I had unders. I think you will be fine. Im 45 & only stayed 1 nite in hosp & was out & about next day. Slowly though lol. Be positive and be as healthy as you can before the op. Good luck!
  5. Hi sorry no idea how to upload pics. I have tried several times!!
  6. Hi K. I turned 45 in March and Im 19 days postop after a BA & BL on 8/4 with Dr Suchart at Bangkok hospital. He is a lovely man and I would highly recommend him. The hospital was lovely but only negative would be the nurses English VERY limited and they were quite clinical and a bit cold. Search for my post I think around 9 April in Surgery stories. I researched a lot and found prices varied a lot. My surgeon had worked in USA for many years and is the director (top dog) @ Bangkok hosp with many PS under him. He emails me back fairly quickly with any post op queries I have. Good
  7. Hi ladies thanks so much for your support. gosh lexie cant believe you still have stitches popping! My surgeon advised cleaning and gently rubbing stitches to loosen then use antibiotic cream. i have been using silicone gel on scars and bio oil on boobs so will also add bactroban on stitches. Scarring is pretty good overall so far. Just where stitches popping there are little holes. I have been unable to upload pics not sure why!! Will give it another go. My left implant higher still so nipples arent in line but hope it will improve. As lollypop lift could wear any bra even und
  8. Hi ladies. thanks so much for your advice. my surgeon did get back to me and he advised antibiotic cream after washing in shower and gently rubbing stitches with cloth. thanks again
  9. Hi Im 18days post op and have a few disolving stitches that have come out and are sore to touch. Ive tried trimming them but arent sure if I should leave/pull out/get removed by a GP? Im concerned about infection and scarring in the hole they have popped out from. As rest of scars clean and neat. (I had a lollypop lift with 275cc implants under muscle) Thanks!!
  10. Hi I have a. few disolvable stitches poking out through scars. I tried trimming them but they are very sore to touch and Im concerned about infection and worse scarring. I have emailed my surgeon in Thailand today but would love feedback as getting worried. thanks x
  11. Hi I didnt get any special bras beforehand and was glad I didnt as was lucky enough to have a breast lift without a cut under my boob crease so immediately after could wear whatever bra I liked ie even underwire!! Not quite 2 weeks post op at moment. Good luck!
  12. Hi all :-) I had my BA & BL yesterday with Dr Suchart. I went direct to hospital. He was wonderful. Very kind and gentle and good English. I got 275 round mentor in the end. changed my mind in pre-op lol was going to be 300 or 325. Under muscle. NO scar at bottom just scar round nipple & line down under boob. disolving stitches also! So glad I did go smaller as they are HIGH HUGE & HARD lol. Nurses werent great as very little or no English. Also a little bit "cold". But doc was wonderful and that was most important. Only got out of postop at 915 into my room after g
  13. Thanks omg high of 20 here today think bangkok even hotter than phuket!! Good luck mum5 getting waxing done lol. also hope your tribe get better x
  14. Hi mumof5 :-) i fly out tonight - very excited no nerves or second thoughts. im taking only a tiny bag as no point taking heaps of strapless dresses etc if I end up bandaged like a mummy lol. I havent been on forum all week as so busy working fulltime even today and organising house & kids!! All the best for you and all the other early April girls. X
  15. Hi Im flying out to Bangkok tonight and am booked with Dr Suchart for a BA and BL on Monday 8th. Happy to answer any questions after the procedure on him the hospital etc. X
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