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  1. Im still having a lot of issues, I'm planning on having a revision I'm just trying to organize when I can do it.. I wish I'd never done it.. Looking back I can't believe I put myself through so much just to try and have better boobs, not worth it in my opinion
  2. Still not healing RachelB, it's 10.5 weeks on and after my incisions finally closed around 8.5 weeks, about 4-5 days later they had opened up again from more stitches pushing the scars open. My surgeon has seen the sutures and said they are very cheap nasty stitches that have been used on my incision. my wounds are now still trying to close back over but my Perth surgeon has decided that if they don't heal fast he wants to open up for debridement and "exploration" to figure out exactly what is happening because this should not be happening 11 weeks on. I suggest anyone looking to go overseas for surgery to really think long and hard about whether it's worth risking your health. I certainly don't believe it is. Everyday I regret my decision and I would hate to see anyone else go through the same thing.
  3. I had a breast lift and implants. I got a severe infection and it's taken 8 weeks to heal. I narrowly avoided having an explant. My breasts are also not symmetrical. I was supposed to only have a lift on the left side and when I woke up from surgery he had moved my nipple (which we had no agreed on) and now that one nipple is sitti a lot higher than the other one,l so it never needed to be moved.
  4. No, thank heavens I didn't need an explant, but for 7 weeks it was very touch and go! My Perth surgeon told me I "dodged a bullet" and he truly couldn't believe my body was able to fight off the infection. I was very lucky, although for awhile there part of me was almost hoping it had to be removed because I was so emotionally exhausted with the whole thing! I still have my moments where I get really emotional about it but each day gets a bit better, I just wanted to share my story so newbies can see what "can" happen. Thanks for your support ladies, it means alot!
  5. I'm so sorry to read this! I also had a not so pleasant experience with dr p. I'm glad to hear things are looking up and great to hear your money will be refunded! (As it should be) take care, keep us updated of how you go xx
  6. Hi everyone, sorry its been awhile since I have been on the forum! After having such a negative experience I found it really difficult to come on here and see everyone's success stories about how great their new boobs were! I know that sounds awful but it just made me feel so down and keep asking myself "why me". I'm 8 weeks post op now, and although I have beaten the worst part of the infection (finally after 7 weeks of misery) my wound is still healing - I have 2 little spots that are open near my nipple but I have duoderm patches on ATM to help the skin heal faster. I'm still not aloud to get the wounds wet until they have completely closed so every night I have to wrap my chest in glad wrap just so I can have a shower! I'm dreaming of the day I can shower completely submerged under the water!!! My breast is looking absolutely terrible though, I have the biggest hideous wide scars and my surgeon in Perth has advised in 12 months time I will need scar revision. All in all I'm feeling a lot better now but this surgery has definitely made me feel more unattractive and self conscious than I ever have felt before. I 100% regret my decision to go Thailand and I would never recommend it to anyone after what I have been through. It's affected my life in such a negative way, something that was supposed to make me so happy and better about myself has made me extremely depressed and unfortunately caused alot of stress on my relationship due to my emotional state! It's guess everyone knows the risks but never thinks its going to happen to them. I know problems can happen in Australia as well but if I had the follow up care I can't help but wonder if this whole thing could of turned out differently
  7. No, it's no better. It's been 5 weeks, 5 doses of 1000mg antibiotics and triple antibiotic cream and still not healed so now I have to fly back to Perth for my surgeon to decide what to do next. Although I think it will be removing the implant I'm gutted and I regret ever having this surgery done. Wouldn't wish this on anyone
  8. Hi ladies, I'm 15 days post op, i returned from Thailand on Monday and I was finally aloud to shower! Although it wasn't the happiest of moments like I expected! I noticed I had quite a lot of yellow puss oozing from my lollipop incision. I dressed the wound with betadeine liquid and applied an antibiotic cream that my dr had given me as a precaution in case I needed it. I saw my local GP on Wednesday who confirmed my wound is infected and the join between the nipple and the downward incision is open (not joined as it should be) I've been advised to continue with the antibiotic cream and re-dress my wound twice a day aswell as continuing with the antibiotics my dr from Thailand gave me (this is my second dose) I'm really stressing now because as I have already been taking 1000mg antibiotics (second dose) and using n antibiotic cream there's not much they can do if it doesn't start working soon. My local GP said if it doesn't improve I may need hospitalization with drains inserted again to expel any infection. Worst case scenario an explant! I was so paranoid about getting an infection before I left and it's happened! I feel like maybe the universe was tryin to give me a sign I don't want to go through an explant, have an 18 month old son and it's been so difficult already I just can't bear going through another surgery! *tears* Has anyone been through anything like this? And what was your outcome?
  9. Hi Skye, Everybodies pain tolerance is different and it depends on your surgery as to what pain you might experience! I had a BL only on left side and then BA on both (300cc left boob, 400cc right boob) I have experience alot of pain and discomfort which I hadn't really prepared myself for! Having had a c-section with my son, I consider that a walk in the park compared to the surgery I just had! Not to scare you (sorry if I have) but prepare yourself for the worst, and hope for the best - I think it would of been easier to handle if I was prepared for it. I didn't think anything would be worse than a c-section! But hey.. Maybe I have a terrible pain tolerance!
  10. Donatella, if you go onto the Medicare website and go to "lodge a claim online" it gives you an option to put in the item number and then it tells you how much you can get back! So if you have the item number that might help you?
  11. Mine are doing that occasionally too! What does that mean?
  12. Hi ladies, I was just wondering how long it was before you started doing things without any pain or feeling uncomfortable? I had my BA & lift 3 days ago and can honestly say it has been the worst pain I've ever experienced! So much so that i regret going ahead with it at this stage! In saying that I'm still bandaged and have drains in and hopefully once they are gone I might feel a bit better! I had a Caesarian with my son and that seemed like a breeze compared to this! I just want to be able to get out of bed and get out of this hotel room, I'm so over it! I know I should be patient but it's hard when your in so much pain
  13. Hi ladies, I haven't been able to upload pics from my iPad/iPhone so will have to wait until I'm home. I'm still bandaged up I haven't been able to see them yet, I've also been in a lot of pain (worse than my Caesarian) I had a lot of sag on the left side so I had. Lollipop lift and 300cc implant , my ignt boob was a lot smaller so I didn't need a lift but I got a 400 cc implant. I can see my right boob is a lot bigger than my left now so I'm getting really worried I'm going travel asymmetry again
  14. Thanks ladies, I'm going through in 20 minutes! Argh!!!
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