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  1. I'm 165 cm and 56 kilos he did give me that card and I know they are 520s because he said that's what he was using and the type and make , reference etc for warranty are on there and it is defiantly 520
  2. Dr dona did them he's great. I got unders. I hope they settle in I'm so worried about this
  3. I'm only new to this site but I'm going to put some up please tell me what you think I'm so upset and confused
  4. Thanks thats what i'm thinking.. i'm hoping for DD. Thanks heaps
  5. Hi girls i'm new to this site! My BA is next thursday with Dr Dona! I'm so excited but confused to what size I will end up and was hoping for a rough idea. I'm a 10A, pretty flat but can fill my bra. I weigh 55KG and am 166cm I'm getting high profile implants, round & textured and have been given the option of 520CC or 560cc I was wondering what size they would rougly take me too. Any help would be great.. Thanks!
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