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  1. No probs babe I am actually in the line at the post office now hehe hopefully reaches you soon! X

  2. Hey love just received it today will post the XS to you. I will pay for postage x

  3. No problems I'm glad you like it! Xx

  4. Hey LatishaToya! If you would like to order one I can PM you my paypal or bank details then I'll post it out to you ! xx

  5. Hey hun, can't PM you back until you clear your inbox space hehe xx

  6. Thanks flip!! Can't wait til they look normal! Haha. I'm sure you will be fine, just focus on the end result :)

  7. hahaha ;) so much excitement :p

  8. Weeeew! Excitinggggg

  9. Donatella! How are you? How did it all go?? x

  10. I think it'll either go super quickly or the two most slowwwwwest days ever for you!! Fingers crossed they go quick! It's understandable that you're nervous as well. Just think about the amazing boobies you're gonna have when it's all over :) I'm still set on my 460's I think! I don't want to go 420 and regret being smaller, after all, if I'm going to pay over 14k I wanna get a decent rack! :p Ahhh Nearly my turn. Under 2 months now. Patiently waiting! (The time can't go any slower argggggh lol)

  11. we are both on 11th june! yay!

  12. Hey Love, Have you had any more thoughts on your size with Mark? x

  13. Hey lovely! 2 days left!! How exciting for you! Can't wait to hear about it! xxx

  14. Yay! Wil let you know as soon as I see him! Xx

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