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  1. Has anybody had any dental work over in Koh Samui? Teeth Whitening / Veneers? I'm going over there soon and really want to suss it out!
  2. Hi hun I'm a pole dancer and I can't teach for 3 months. It's been one month now. 2 to go!
  3. p.s i have no clue where we got the sandwiches from either...
  4. Completely off topic: I woke up this morning on my floor with a bobby pin stuck to my cheek and a dribble patch next to my face on the carpet whilst wearing a random guys jumper that I apparently stole while we were out! I checked the tag at it is from Zara so Im just gonna go ahead and keep it haha. I'm starting to remember more things from last night such as sending a group message to everyone in my phone including my 78 year old grandma telling everyone to come out and party, I also found pictures of my bestie and myself eating a sausage roll in 7/11 that I have no memory of and apparently made a whole heap of new friends last night that are now coming to sorrento with us next week for a party at the beach house????!!!! Haha oh god. One thing I do remember clearly is swinging past my besties ex's house on the way home (he cheated on her 3 days ago) and throwing egg salad sandwiches at his front door. Safe to say I feel like crap but it was the funnest night I've had in a while.. I will most definitely be staying home tonight... I uploaded a picture of my 1 month old boobs in my lovely new jumper for you guys haha.
  5. Congratualtions on taking the next step towards new boobies! One of my fave things about having big awesome new boobs is I threw out all of my old clothes and got myself a whole new wardrobe. Trying on clothes is one thousand times better and looks a billion times better! Also just the overall confidence that it has bought to me is incredible. I am happier and more motivated than ever. Who knew a couple of bags with jelly stuff in them could do that
  6. I weighed myself before surgery and I was 62 kilos then I weighed myself 3 days later and I put on 7 kilos! 69 kilos!!!!! I lost it pretty quickly tho thank god
  7. just read through the "ur a" thread. I missed out big time!
  8. Sorry to hear that hope everything works out for you. xx
  9. I'm about 4 wks post op and they've changed heaps since the first week but i've still got ages to go. When did you ladies start bra shopping? I have no idea when I can go because I dont know when my boobs will stop changing
  10. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/shop?query=gold%20sequin%20dress try this
  11. OMG that's probably what I'm doing wrong hahaha. I have it on really tight!! I cracked the sh*ts tonight and made it much more loose and it feels much more comfortable and easier to put up with lol.
  12. Jeez I sound like a brat haha! Beauty is pain...
  13. Mrstag- I try to wear it over singlets because the strap rubs against my skin like my armpit area and side boob if i dont have anything under it and it really hurts so I have to make sure there's material underneath it anyway to be honest it's not too bad over hoodies and stuff while I'm dagging around at home but I do prefer it over a thin top. Imdie- I have no clue how long I need to wear it for! My surgeon didnt really tell me, I'm seeing him on the 30th of this month so Ill ask him then. If I'm getting really peed with it before that I'm going to email the office and ask haha
  14. Ive squeezed about 3948293649289 different fake boobs! Some are firmer than others but to be honest I was really impressed with how natural implants can feel. I think it depends also on how much breast tissue you have and if you go over/under the muscle.
  15. This strap is SOOOOO ANNOYING. How long did you have to wear it for? I am wearing mine for the majority of the day and every night to bed. Ive had it for around 3 weeks. I certainly dont want to ruin my new boobies so of course I will wear it but arrrrrrrrrrgh its making my boobs so tender! Especially the sides of them because the strap is pushing them together. On a funny note I went to the gym wearing it and 3 young boys randomly appeared working out right next to me.....I dont suggest wearing it to the gym considering they are pushed together like theres no tomorrow haha.
  16. Hey Amie, It's called detox destinations:) I am so keen to try it even if I faint haha. If I really hate it ill just skip the classes and do something else. I'm a little concerened about how hot it will be but there's always other stuff I can do
  17. It took me about 3 months to save. I was sooo strict. I literally saved every pay I got and spent nothing on myself besides from rent and food shopping. Now if only I can do that all the time i'd be a rich woman!!
  18. Im nearly 4 wks post op and my nipples are sooooo sensitive and painful. It hurts to even brush past them
  19. omg fox i just noticed that little quote in your signature haha i love it
  20. I'm sooo up for the challenge can't wait. I bet I will be all over the place though haha. That one person that keeps falling over Theres a birkam yoga place around the corner from me. Just have to wait 3 more weeks until I can do it because of boobs
  21. I was too. Its the best feeling after going through the op!
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