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  1. Thanks everyone. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one. I'm better today but my gosh I was freaking out!!! I guess we will have a few episodes of this before surgery. It's starting to sound more normal to me now since reading everyone's replies, I think we're all in the same boat really.
  2. Ok so I know I was so excited in my earlier thread... But now I am freaking out Is this normal? I feel sick and weird. I absolutely want my boobs but I feel SO nervous and my mind is all over the place right now and I'm not getting them for another 2 months!! Should this be happening? Can anyone give me some advice on how to deal with the pre surgery nerves because I'm overthinking and freaking myself out haha! (Sorry to sound like a fruit loop)
  3. Yes he's so great! Karen is just the nicest lady, I like that she actually stopped to have a conversation with me even when she was swamped with paperwork. I'm so happy with my decision.
  4. Hey ladies! I had my consult with Dr. Mark Ashton today in Parkville! It was the best consult I've had. (out of the 3 i've had). Mark was kind and funny, he answered all of my questions and warned me about all the risks etc. He was really great. At first, my mind was set on having 470cc teardrop Brazilian Fuzz implants. As Mark showed me the different photos of the implants, my mind started to change. I think for my body shape and age (20 yrs) I suit the round textured implants. Anyway, I was so impressed with Mark and his lovely assistants and the whole thing I went back this afternoon and put down a $5,000 deposit & booked myself in for June 11th. :D I will be getting round textured implants, moderate profile. 410cc's under the muscle. The cost for the procedure is broken down into sections: Surgeon Fees: $8,000 Anaesthetic: approx. $2,000 Implants: approx. $1,500 Hospital & Theatre Fees: (1 night stay w. 1 hour operation)(drains removed the day after) $2,680 So all up it is $14,180 I could not be happier and I am happy to spend the extra money, cause I feel very safe in Dr. Mark's hands. I am sooooo excited/nervous. It feels so much more real now that I actually have a date booked. If anyone is considering Mark Ashton, I am happy to answer any questions. You won't regret seeing him!!! He's amazzzzing!
  5. If he was in the news about anything negative I would rather him actually sleep with a patient then do a bad job! So I agree with you. And he was very lovely and seemed to be very good at what he does. I just have this amazing feeling about Mark Ashton. As soon as I heard his name I felt positive. I'm seeng him in 4 days! Eeeeeeee! Buttttt if that falls through And doesn't work out then I think I will go with David.
  6. Yay! Wil let you know as soon as I see him! Xx

  7. I am so excited to see him. I have a good feeling about it. I just can't wait to actually book in a date. I'm hoping to get them in May if everything goes well with Mark. I have my consult with him on the 7th March. Soooooo excited! I bet you can't wait for the 27th! Cant wait to hear how it all went for you.
  8. Yay I can't wait for my consult with Mark Ashton now!! This has made me soooo excited :)
  9. Haha i even said it to his face! Just proves that you muuust do the research as it it so important!
  10. Oh my god! Thank you so much for telling me! That's crazy. Ill definitely check out Dr. Jane Paterson. Thank you again for telling me about Dr. David Topchian.
  11. I know soooo long!! Oh no I hope everything worked out with your ruptured implant! Hopefully Dr. Mark Ashton is the man, other wise I can always go for a consultation with a different surgeon at Endless Sooutions. Xx
  12. Hi ladies, Just thought I'd post about my first two consultations today. First one was at 1:30 with consultant Dr. Mervyn Cass at Plastic Surgery Center in Caulfiend North. Dr. Cass was nice, he was funny but also very stern and almost a little too pushy. He explained everything to me - answered all my questions and showed me the implants in the sports bra etcetc. I loved the 460cc's and he quoted me for $14,250. He then took me to the receptionist to book in a date to do more measuring and book in the date/pay the deposit. I was a bit confused because I didn't want to book in anything further until I had made my decision on a surgeon. But anyway it was ok. The second consultation today was with Dr. David Topchian at Endless Solutions. He was great. I immediately felt comfortable with him and he showed me all of his work and explained everything in detail. He prefers to use the Brazillian Fuzzy implant thingies. I actually liked them better than the other implants. He put 460cc's in the sports bra and again, I felt phenomenal. He quoted me $11,900. I was stoked. I was pretty much ready to go ahead and say yes let's book it in until he said he is going away on March 1st until March 2014!!!! :( Soooooo I can go with Endless Solutions but I won't have David - ill have a different surgeon!! I'm a bit unsure now. I have an appointment in April with Dr. Mark Ashton and I'm really excited. I guess ill just wait until I see Mark. Hopefully he is the one...
  13. As a dancer, I am constantly surrounded with beautiful girls and their big bouncy boobies. It's taken me about a year to make my decision about getting boobs but now I am 100% determined to go under the knife. I recently lost 14 kilos - the first thing I lost was my boobs...but I still have very wide hips. I feel like this is the last thing I need to do (besides nose...that will come later) to perfect my body in my eyes. It will portion me out and even perhaps make me look thinner?? I'm doing this for me!!! And no one else!! I made a decision that 2013 was going to be all about me (surgery, travelling, indulging myself) and I'm going to stick to that plan, starting with boobs
  14. This post makes me so excited to book in a consultation with Mark!
  15. Hey Kam Kam, Just wondering which hospital you decided to go with? I'm trying to do my research on Melbourne plastic surgeons. Not getting very far might have to go to a handful of consultations which will cost me over $100 each time, hoping you could give me some advice?? Sam
  16. Hey everyone, I signed up to this site hoping to get more info about plastic surgeons in Melbourne. And if anyone has any info on Breast Augmentation - Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok . OK here goes... I am going to get a breast augmentation. I was set on going to Bumgrungrad in Bangkok - I've seen 5+ girls boobs and they look and even feel awesome. The price is really good ($4,500 inc. 1 night stay and hospital fees). All up it's gonna cost me roughly $6,000 to get my boobs done. That includes flights, accommodation (in a AWESOME suite) spending money, food, etc. This sounds pretty great to me. So I told my parents. (I am 20 and I live in Melbourne city by myself. They find it hard enough that I'm living out of home...) They freaked!!!! Not so much about actually getting a fresh set of boobies...but actually going to Thailand and having my first overseas trip and first procedure there. I mean, fair enough that they're freaking out. My father cried. And my mum got my 32 year old brother to take me to dinner and try to talk me out of it...awkward. They would be ok with it if I got it done here. But it's sooooo cheap and really quite safe over in Bumrungrad. They even have corresponding hospitals in Melbourne for my check ups. But I'm going to do the right thing by them and get a few consultations in Melbourne before making my final decision. I was planning to go in June 2013 - so it gives me plenty of time to save and plan etc. Can anyone please share their experiences with me about Bumrungrad and PLEASE anyone who has had surgery in Melbourne please tell me about it! I'm wondering about the cost (mainly) and also the care and general experience you had. I hope I don't sound like a brat but this has been a big part of my life and I am ready for it. I do a lot of lingerie and swimwear modelling so it's really important to me. I have been saving for a really long time and I just want the best for myself and I want my parents to be ok with it. If i go to thailand knowing that they're in Melbourne stressing about me getting surgery in a foreign country I dont think I could go through with it. All your help and advice is really appreciated. Sam.
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