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    Samantha got a reaction from Jade809 in My consult with Professor Mark Ashton!   
    Hey ladies!

    I had my consult with Dr. Mark Ashton today in Parkville!
    It was the best consult I've had. (out of the 3 i've had).

    Mark was kind and funny, he answered all of my questions and warned me about all the risks etc. He was really great. At first, my mind was set on having 470cc teardrop Brazilian Fuzz implants.

    As Mark showed me the different photos of the implants, my mind started to change. I think for my body shape and age (20 yrs) I suit the round textured implants.

    Anyway, I was so impressed with Mark and his lovely assistants and the whole thing I went back this afternoon and put down a $5,000 deposit & booked myself in for June 11th. :D
    I will be getting round textured implants, moderate profile. 410cc's under the muscle.

    The cost for the procedure is broken down into sections:

    Surgeon Fees: $8,000

    Anaesthetic: approx. $2,000

    Implants: approx. $1,500

    Hospital & Theatre Fees:
    (1 night stay w. 1 hour operation)(drains removed the day after)

    So all up it is $14,180

    I could not be happier and I am happy to spend the extra money, cause I feel very safe in Dr. Mark's hands.
    I am sooooo excited/nervous.

    It feels so much more real now that I actually have a date booked.
    If anyone is considering Mark Ashton, I am happy to answer any questions. You won't regret seeing him!!! He's amazzzzing!
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    Samantha got a reaction from Jade809 in Sizing apt today   
    Hey girls

    I had my sizing apt today at Professor Mark Ashton's office with his assistant Karen.
    We decided on 460CC, high profile round textured.

    They only had 1 implant for me to try in the 460 lol but it was good to have only one in to see the size difference compared to my natural size.

    Pictures are up, feel free to FR me if you'd like to see

    Also paid off the surgeon fee today, i wanted to cry when I handed over the money but at the same time i've never felt so excited to pay for something

    Can't wait for June 11th!!!
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