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  1. DOn't worry about it, I couldn't do anything for 2 weeks and they had a great time doing stuff with other people/their Dad. They don't even remember the surgery now so it must not have even registered on their brains as important haha. You'll be fine! (I felt guilty at the time too though)
  2. Just logged on for the first time in forever to see how everyone is going.... so have you had 2 lifts since your original BA and Lift??
  3. I think the media reporting was wrong on this because boobs = people interested. There isn't even a direct link to this Cancer and bacteria, like every Cancer they aren't 100% sure about what the cause is, and more men worldwide get this form of camcer than women. The news article I read were implying that ALL cases of this Cancer were in women with implants, which is just bad reporting.
  4. That's what my paperwork said for my lift, I got confused as well
  5. Lol sorry!! The last few pages didn't show up until I'd posted. Doh!! All caught up on the drama now haha.
  6. I'd ditch. If he's nervous about a date he wouldn't be my type. Picking a surf club last min instead of a date, and telling me to go to him would send me irate. What did you end up doing?
  7. I don't wear anything to bed. Not sure if that's good or not though! I can't stand feeling restricted when sleeping so I'd rather spend every night getting a good sleep than worry about slight sagging. I also don't get how they'd sag when asleep lying still? Interested to see what others say!
  8. Mine feel exactly like my real boobs already, except a bit numb and some pain still, but in terms of what they feel like other than having had surgery, they feel like my real boobs used to, just bigger. I am a tummy sleeper and it is annoying to feel them squashed, but I've dealt with breastfeedjng and pregnancy boobs so it's not much different, I just use pillows in bed and a bunched towel under me to lie down at the pool/beach. I think you get used to them fast!
  9. I'd be really calm and collected about it for her sake, without telling her that what she's feeling isn't real, I do believe that the energy you put out is what you get back. I think you can control being surrounded by positive energy. My mum is do closed minded (apparently) but I do remember when I was younger she told me if I ever felt scared, to imagine a white orb slowly enveloping me and getting higher, creating a big protective bubble around me that no negative energy could penetrate. Whether this is a phenomenon of the mind, real energy, ghosts, whatever, it seems to work as I've talked to more than a few people who do this white ball of protection thing. Some say it's a form of meditation, some say it's putting positive energy around you which means negative energy goes elsewhere, other say actual bad spirits are deterred by it. It can't hurt to give her this tool so that she feels in control, no matter how, or why it works! It feels good to think that you can control this eery feeling and make it go away also if she's drawn to watching scary shows, reading about scary things in books etc, teach her about self censorship and getting out of the habit of watching or reading anything scary, if she's prone to being open this makes you open to negative thoughts.
  10. I have a lot of movement when I do anything, but they don't hurt at all. I did have pretty bad pain at the start when I tried to do anything, so maybe that was the same reason! I started to feel better at 2 weeks I think.
  11. I didn't get told no yoga... I am more than 3 months post but I did it at 10 weeks. I've never done it before and thought it would be a nice safe thing to do! I did all the moves and the only place I didn't feel sore was my arms and chest. Thats from a total beginner, with BA and BL. It didn't feel like I was stretching my scars or doing anything, and I would have felt that, as I have stitches poking through my scars and they hurt.
  12. Hey, can I add you both? I have pics up too, but same issue, wanted rounder and faker, not happy with my lift either.
  13. Even though 3 weeks is early still, I'd tell your surgeon what you are afraid of anyway, as it is better to tell them even if it ends up being ok in a few weeks
  14. Aw that is so tough I thought it looked so good straight after you had it done. So annoying to go in again
  15. Yep agree on squats with weights, get heavier as they get easier to do.. And also dead lifts. Squats shouldn't be too bad on a knee if you are doing it right using your muscles. Make sure your weight is all in your heel and squeeze your butt as you go up. With a bad hip, knee and pelvis, I can still do weighted squats. Lunges are not great for my hip or knee and I have to be really careful doing them personally so just see what works for you! I gain muscle easily and did get bigger muscles but my leg circumferences went down, so I was actually smaller!
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