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    The Cosmetic Institute Sydney
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    Next month I am having breast implants put in.
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    Dr Ali Fahreen - 12/3/13
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    170cm, 64 kilo, A cup

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  1. I feel a lot more confident in my appearance and very happy with my new look. I'm now a 14D and can dress them up or down depending on the outing. A push up bra and low cut top brings nice cleavage or a normal bra and T-shirt for an every day look.
  2. I'm similar height and weight to you and I went with 520 round HP under the muscle. I'm so glad I didn't go any smaller in fact sometimes I wish I'd gone a size bigger. But now that they've settled they look good and suit my active lifestyle.
  3. I sent my request, I'm nearly 5 months post op now and went with the TCI. They just never stop being helpful and friendly. I love my boobs now, can't wait for the summer.
  4. I hope your feeling a lot better. I didn't feel totally comfortable and accepting of my new boobs until the 4 month point. I was very critical of them, not happy with the look etc. But now they have settled and I'm so glad I did it. My husband doesn't care less about them so really I just did them to make me feel good. You are not selfish for wanting them and will eventually love them. Good Luck.
  5. I was admitted at 7.00am, had twilight sedation and was out by 11.30am. No vomiting or anything. I just stayed in a hotel room near the day surgery and had a check up the next morning. Everything was fine. I'm so glad I didn't have a general anasetic (however you spell it).
  6. I've wanted boobs for a very long time but put house and kids first. I was 46 when I got mine and only because the TCI was a lot cheaper. I was just about going to give up on my dream until they came along. I would have liked them 20 years ago but don't regret having waited. I just waited until I was in a position to do it. Perhaps wait until after youvé had kids. Bigger boobs are great but not something to consume your life thinking about. You obviously have a man who loves you how you are so will getting boobs right now make that much of a difference. If your having second thoughts wait unti
  7. Thanks girls, I really appreciate your comments. My daughters are probably my best friends and we tell each other everything which is good when you have teenage girls. As for the husband I'll just take what I can get when I can get it.
  8. The picture of her lying on her stomach looks very bad news on your back. Buying clothes must be real *****. How does she expect anyone to take her seriously. All I can say is yuck.
  9. My husband is good at maintaining mine and my daughters motorbikes and we go bush to collect firewood together which I enjoy. He even bought me my own little chainsaw for mothers day. He washes the clothes and dishes etc but he is just not a close and affectionate type of person. He has a huge wall up around him which no-one can get through. But it is just like we are mates which is the annoying part. I keep telling him that if I'm going to be married I'd like the benefits of a husband but in 20 years it still has not changed. I sometime think of leaving but couldn't afford to go anywhere and
  10. Sorry to say my husband has been totally unsupportive before and since my BA. While I was back at the motel getting over the op he was off having lunch and getting a massage. He was useless after we got home as well and complained bitterly about having to drive me back to Sydney the following week for my check up, he actually asked why I couldn't drive there myself. I am 4 months post op now and he has absolutely no sexual interest in my new boobs or me. He never was a hands on type of person but is so much worse now. We may as well be flat mates. So if your lucky enough to have a loving suppo
  11. Hi, the Doctor didn't seem worried at all about my cysts. She said that I've probably always had them and that they are probably just more noticeable now. Surely they would have noticed them during my BA but maybe not.
  12. I had them between my boobs for a couple of weeks but they settled down eventually. I had just put it down to a sweat rash because they weren't used to being so close together.
  13. I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow so I'll see what she says, I don't think I'll need a biopsy but need to find out what's causing the cysts.
  14. Hi Girls, went for my ultrasound today re the lump in my left breast. Turns out I have at least 20 cysts in it and a couple in the right. The ultrasound guy said it was nothing to worry about and very unlikely to be related to the new boobs. I rang the TCI just to make sure and they said it was probably an immune response and to get it checked out. I am hoping it's not a reaction to the implants. The nurse seemed to think it was unrelated to the actual implants. Hopefully it's nothing, I don't want anything jeopardising my boobs.
  15. Thanks Ladies, it's so great being able to talk to you girls because you understand. It's not something I feel comfortable talking about with friends, family etc because they will just say I shouldn't have got them in the first place. I'm trying not to worry but will hopefully be happier getting them checked. I don't have another surgeon appointment until August and I didn't want to rush up to Sydney if I don't have to. Thanks again for the support.
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