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  1. Hey, your inbox was full so just getting back to you here....no problems at all with getting back to me, I know how busy things get. He saw my photos and I'm going in for re-do surgery tomorrow!!! He doesnt want to wait longer as he doesnt think it's going to drop on it's own so may as well get to it before the 3 week mark and they stick. I started a thread about it so wont go into it in full but he is being wonderful about it, of course I just wish I didnt have to but thats the risk of getting a BA I guess. Just want to be out the other end and start healing!

  2. so so close!!! So excited for you and being another Adelaidian lol....do you need any help with anything? Have you got someone to look after you afterwards?

  3. Hi Tango, sorry for the late reply...my computer was broken and then the site was down. Your inbox is full so just sending you a quick message here. I had phone consults with both Harwood and Miroshnik but I ended up overwhelming myself ( I tend to way overthink things) so had to take a step back for a while. I'm hoping to follow some of you girls that have been to both and see how your progressing past just the immediate post op.....hopefully I'll feel more comfortable with my decision then. Thankyou so much for contacting me, it really helps to make such a huge decision!!

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