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  1. Definitely comes down to your own pain tolerance. I had mine done 6 days ago and I have not experienced any pain what so ever. Just tightness, short of breath and a bit of pressure but nothing painful. Only took panadein forte on day one and that's it. Everyone is different. Probably comes down to how rough your surgeon is too I was with Dr. Nguyen at tci and have had the best experience!
  2. Hey guys, I'm booked in for surgery with Dr.Nguyen on the 26th may at TCI. Woo! Just a couple of quick questions, Can someone please tell me what bra does TCI Supply us with? And what's the next best post op bra I can purchase before surgery so I can switch them up. Thanks in advance
  3. Mel.d

    May BOOBIES 2015!

    26th May with Dr Nguyen at TCI can't wait!
  4. Ooooh wait, I get you now hahaha
  5. Thanks, sorry but what's the Macboob job?
  6. Hey there. Just wondering whether anyone has had overs done at TCI? Thanks!
  7. Oh no is he really? I can't remember the exact reason why but something to do with my muscle tissue, i'd be at a extremely high risk of double bubble or something How are you enjoying your overs? What size did you go?
  8. Hello ladies, just wondering if there was anyone who has had their implants over the muscle with any of the surgeons from TCI? i've had a couple of consults at other places both saying I needed over the muscle.. Looking at all of TCI's photos I can only see girls who have had under the muscle.. Is there anyone out there who got them over the muscle from TCI? Or does anyone know if any of the surgeons even do over the muscle at tci and who you'd reccomend thanks
  9. This is so horrible!! I cant believe they can get away with something like this, its disgusting Have you heard from them yet?? I would definitely contact A Current Affair or anyone who will let you get your story out there! My heart aches for you, please let us know how you go.. All the best xx
  10. Mel.d

    not happy :(

    Hey shan, I hope your check up went well and is easy to fix. Besides that, your boobs look fantastic!
  11. Congrats on your new boobies, they'll be such a big difference to what you started with, they'll look perfect. Hope you don't mind if a send a FR
  12. Thanks guys! Yeah i'm pretty sure he would have a one week follow up! I'm worried about the whole work thing though, I can imagine they'd swell up heaps doing massage so I may have to take awhile off
  13. Yay congrats on your successful surgery!! Glad it all went well i'm getting 325cc's so its nice to hear other girls getting around the same size! Sending you a FR
  14. How long do you ladies out there that have had your BA would recommend staying at the place you've had your surgery for? I think i'll be travelling to and from melb to brisbane, having surgery in brisbane, staying for one week then travelling back to melbourne. Is that enough time, or would you recommend staying in Brisbane longer after surgery than one week? I am also A spa therapist and do massage all day everyday and i've been told i'll need to take A WHOLE MONTH off work, crazzzzzzzzzzzy!!!! I am getting over the muscle so I assume recovery time wont be as hard as under the muscle, but i'm just worried leaving after one week is to soon? Thanks chickens!
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