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  1. Hi September, sorry to hear about that. I have to go back for revision myself. Sent you a friend request x
  2. Thanks Mrs-B, I can't do push ups in my pump classes either but I give it a go. The boxing class is tomorrow morning so I will go and give it a go
  3. Thanks ladies! I'm good thanks DCPL how are you? i have been going to the gym, boot camp and pump classes. I do some chest exercises that I feel comfortable with in the classes which also involves bench press which I didn't really find hard or uncomfortable. There's just another boxing class that goes for an hour that I wanted to join as well I might give it a try one morning and see how I go. My instructor knows I got a BA so she will understand if I slack off lol just wanted some advise from someone else that might of done it as well thanks!
  4. I am now just over 3 months post BA and was wondering if anyone could give me advise on when a good/safe time would be to do boxing exercises? Thanks
  5. Thanks louise2, will check them out x
  6. I will be in Brisbane for 2 weeks end of October and need to find a good place to get botox. Can anyone recommend a good place & price ranges at all? TIA xx
  7. E.J.

    Lol sorry babe I was meant to write that on dons wall. Lol I said up her I've wrote deleted on someone else's wall by accident :-p

  8. nushi

    What's deleted? Lol

  9. I've got my clit pierced, I used no numbing cream or anything at all. I've got the bar exact same as the pic you posted. Personally I think it pinched when he pierced me lol like it hurt but then for a few days couldn't sit properly but totally worth it. I love it!!!
  10. I got mine done by Dr Ali, could not recommend her enough. She's amazing. Stephandash got hers done by Dr Ali as well on the same day as me. Pretty sure Gemini got hers by Dr Ali as well
  11. Same, bras n things was my ultimate shop, after my BA I've felt so lost not being able to go in there lol. I feel so un sexy when I stay at my gf's place lol I need cute hot lingerie! Lol I might have to check out Loveable, were they online or a shop? I hope I'm at least a DD lol I will get fitted Saturday lol x

  12. Totally should! :) i just can't wait to buy under wire bras.. Maybe have to design cute wire free bras.. All granny looking except 2.. Bought cute ish pink one by Loveable. Gee bra shopping hasn't been so hard haha cant wait to hear what size u are :) x

  13. Hey babe! :) woohoo, that is awesome! :) I was just thinking today to get myself fitted, might go this weekend ;) x

  14. Hey babe, 3weks post op already.. Crazy! I got fitted today to get an idea.. 10E.. Have you been fitted yet? X

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