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  1. Hi beautiful people Just wondering if anyone has had rhinoplasty with dr William mooney and if you would be willing to share your story??? I'm seriously considering him and would love other opinions! Thank You
  2. Hi babes any of you ladies that don't mind the faker looking boobs that have pics? I don't mean like full bolt on looking but that semi fake look with the roundness at the top?? Im getting my ba next year and looking at tci just need to lose some weight first!! xoxo
  3. Hi lovelys, Just wondering if anyone has had a rhino in bundaberg at pacific plastic surgery? I got a quote for $8800 just as a general ( havent had a consult yet ) which I thought was pretty resonable I really want a rhino but if I have to pay over 9000 I dont think ill do it.
  4. @smnz89 just friend requested you as I'm hoping to have dr Ali in oct!! Xo
  5. leirah_d have just friend requested you and have also requested to follow you on Instagram xo
  6. Hi Alicia, no im not in a health fund so I assume not. are you in rockhampton?
  7. Hi lovely's, Just wondering if there are any Rockhampton girls out there? I am wanting a BA and I think I have it down to 3 surgeons for a consult. Dr Harwood, Dr Szalay and TCI. I really wanted to stay in rocky but Dr Vucak quoted me $11,000 and I cant afford that! I also considered Thailand on a group tour as my partner wouldn't be able to travel over there with me due to work But I think I would much rather stay in aus! Please help!!! Thanks girls xoxo
  8. Thanks so much ladies :-) I think I'll just stick with him as I am very comfortable and happy with him and his opinion :-) thanks again xo
  9. Hi Ladies, Just a quick question as to weather i should be having more then one consult for my BA. I have seen dr vucak twice and i am completly comfortable with him but i dont know if that is just because its the only consult ive ever had. Whats your opinions?? Should i have at least one other consult? Soooo confused i just want my boobies!!!
  10. So I had my second consult with dr vucak yesterday and I'm happy to say he will be my surgeon :-) I'm 100% happy with him and I'm not second guessing anything anymore! And he does do the Brazilian implant and turns out that's what he wanted to use anyway now all there is to do is save up my $500 deposit and book my date of surgery! Soooo excited!!!!
  11. Hey ladies, ok so I'm starting to go crazy over deciding which profile to go.. I have a wide chest wall so high is out of the question which is fine but my surgeon suggests 500cc mods but I don't wanna be really wide and flat so considering mod + is there any of you out there with 500cc mod or mod + that is willing to show me photos???
  12. I have already had one consult with him but it was my first consult ever and because i was nervous i totally forgot to ask him! lol then when i relised he hadnt mentioned it either i thought maybe he doesnt but i rang his nurse this morning and she has booked me in with him again next tuesday and he does do them but she didnt seem to happy about me asking. The first ones he recommended for me started with an S but i cant remember the name In the first consult he recommended i go 500cc under the muscle mod profile as i have a wide chest wall....im not sure if or why the brazillians would make a difference to that as i think its only the outer shell of the implant thats different and considering they are more expensive youd think he'd want more money! lol But he is very lovely and was so sweet and very informative on my first consult. I really do just like the sound of the brazillian implant better then others as i have heard good things about them
  13. Hey Lovelys, Does anyone know if dr vucak does the brazillian implants? Would just rather go local then to have to worry about flights and accom as well! Thanks xo
  14. Hi Homebrue12 would you mind emailing me the before and after pics? Would love to see as im very interested in getting my nose done My email is americasno1@hotmail.com Thanks
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