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  1. Hello, there is so little information or feedback from people having mini facelift in Melbourne. Perhaps ladies are happy and reviewing, any info on Melbourne/Sydney (i am willing to travel, perhaps Melbourne has a shortage of good surgeons?) surgeons dealing with younger faces would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi!

    Im looking to get rhinoplasty. Can anyone recommend any good surgeons in Melbourne? 

    I was thinking of flying to Sydney to have it done there .

  3. Long shot but has anyone has surgery with the above surgeon? Also looking for insurance , any recommendations?
  4. Hi everyone, I have 2 questions. Has anyone has surgery with Dr Somsak Kunachakr - Kasemrad hospital? Very hard to get any info on him as he does not advertise although it will be my 2nd surgery with him. Can anyone recommend an insurance company for overseas surgery to organise here in Melbourne before I go. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am consulting with dr fox melbourne through vic cosmetic institute regarding lower face thread lift. Has anyone had this procedure with him? Thanks in advance for reading
  6. Can anyone recommend where to go in Melbourne for this? Dr Lanzer and VIC Cosmetic Institute don't do it. Anyone else? Maybe Dr Rich but i see way too many familiar faces when Im their! Thanks
  7. Looking for doctor who is really great with fillers to cheeks and smile lines I'm not happy with my regular and I also do not like traveling to the city, I have a very European face so need someone who is really experienced in this area. I'm pretty happy with dr rich doctors but looking to try new places too.. Thanks
  8. Hello im 34 and having an upper bleph in geelong with Ian Holten, has anyone my age had this done love to hear from you.
  9. Hi guys I would be grateful if anybody could recommend a surgeon who is reputable for breast lifts and lipo in Melbourne and not extremely pricey. Although I'm considering going interstate if pricing is more viable. So feel free to recommend Melbourne or otherwise? Thanks again
  10. In my case insurance needs a gp and plastic surgeon letter stating its post baby then I only need to wait 2 months. If I can't get that I must wait 12 months and fork out crazy insurance payments every month. But thanks guys. I'm going to look up mark Ashton now cheers
  11. By the way I would still recommend asking him for a quote so that you have a written quote which cannot be increased or have them claim that you were mistaken or whatever. Besides you may be an easier/smaller job than me and he may not quote you the full price decided by the hospital. I don't know how the pricing works. I just know I wouldn't be making plans or buying plane tickets without a personal quote from my potential surgeon/hospital. Hope all this helps! :)

  12. Further (stupid board won't let me post >1000): I had also looked into hiring a day nurse or somebody to come in for a couple of hours each day after the op but have not found anything to that end. It appears that the demand is such that private care nurses only work with long-term cases such as palliative care, or that is my impression of such. But there is an online food ordering company in Bangkok called Food By Phone that has an extensive and reasonably priced list of restaurants which I plan to use for the first day or whatever post surgery. And my hotel has handheld shower heads but I will probably use cleanse wipes on the upper body the first few days and just wash below. I plan on using a hairdresser to wash and braid my hair the day or two after so I don't have to lift my arms and so it stays knot-free for a few days. And I plan on taking it easy, obviously, or as it comes at least. Of course, I've got to shake this damn cold and get the damn op first!! Argh!

  13. Nikki- Yes I am organising everything directly as well. Dr Suchart quoted me the published hospital charges of 202,000baht which includes all the Dr/anaesthetist/operating/1 night hospital stay charges. However there are further charges for the pathological investigation etc before the operation, which he mentioned but upon questioning did not know the specifics of. As to aftercare, I have one night stay in the hospital as mentioned. I will be in Thailand alone and wanted to stay an extra night but they quoted me "about another 10,000bahts or more" for each further night which is more than I am happy to pay. I have therefore not 'booked' an extra night but I know that if I feel bad enough and incapacitated enough, it should still be there as an option. The literature certainly varies as to how long one should spend in hospital, with some quoting 3-5 nights, yet plenty of examples of day surgery BR's that go straight home after recovery, or the more typical (I think) one night stay.

  14. Hi Emma it's great your taking this initiative to get the body you want. I have also communicated with dr suchart. May I ask what he quoted you? I haven't requested on yet. And what about your after care will that just be in the hospital. I contacted him directly you see. Niki :)

  15. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon for breastlift and lipo in Melbourne?
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