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    Hoping to get a BA to increase my cup size. Currently a B/C cup. Hoping for a full D. Considering TT surgery also (Mummy of 1).
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    Dr Boonchai, 13th November 2014
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    171cm/ 68kg/ 12C

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  1. Just replying incase one day someone has the same issue and comes here looking for the answer. After two weeks on 5mg steroids (10mg dose for week one and 5mg for week two), I still had a few breakout patches on my chest and neck when finishing the steroids. My doc have me a steroid cream to apply (less hard on your body compared to tablets) and I also used Proactive deep body cleanse wash in the shower twice a day (obviously wouldn't suggest this if your incisions are still healing because I don't know what it may do to the healing process if the wash got in there). The proactive wash seems to have really, really helped me. Also drinking a lot of water. Hope that if you're having the same issue and reading this, my experience helps you.
  2. Really NovBoobs? Mine got so bad (before I got the steroids from the doc) that it looked like I had some kind of bloody tropical rash. Lots and lots of tiny creamy pimples on my boobs, chest, neck, face and upper back. On my face, it's my forehead which is the worst. It was bloody awful. The medications have helped me so much but the issue I have is as soon as I stop the meds, I think I'm going to break out badly again Is yours at rash-like proportions or does it just look like a bad pimple break out?
  3. Hi all, Since having my surgery I have been breaking out in small little white pimples on my cleavage, chest, neck and face areas. A little on my back too. The doctors put me on low dose steroids and anti histamines which work well but after a week of treatment, I have to halve the dose. I'm now finding a few little ones come back on my chest and neck so I'm assuming the issue is still there and when I stop the steroids, the breakout/rash is likely to come back. Has anyone experienced this type of thing post surgery? Any advice? The doctors don't know what it's from so any ideas or help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi girls I'm booked with Dr Boonchai on March 3rd cannot wait, should I buy some wireless bras to take over as well as the post op bra we get from PIAC, I'm going for two weeks and get surgery on the fourth day been there, so no more swimming
  5. I am suffering from all of the above now but my period is delayed - I'm assuming from everything my body has been through. I'm getting all the symptoms, just no period. Ugh.
  6. Hi rockmelonmamma, I'm going through a low time at the moment, I'm 12 days post op. Thanks for this thread you created, it has helped me calm down a bit to read that others have gone through the same feelings and frustrations that I am going through. How're you feeling now? Xx
  7. I'm currently staying at Burasari post op and can highly recommend it! The staff are lovely, the spa is AMAZING, food is really good. No complaints.
  8. Hi Jacliveshere, I'm suffering too so you're not alone! I got dual plane and am 8 days post op. While the pain has gone away heaps since days 2 & 3, I'm still feeling the muscle tightness/compression and sharp pain in my upper chest when I lay down etc. So frustrating!!
  9. Putting a pillow under your knees really helps when sleeping on your back also. Good luck!
  10. I'm 6 days post op with Dr Boonchai and don't have anything bad to say about him. I think you'd be happy with any of the PIAC surgeons. I can't speak for Bangkok hospital but my PIAC experience has been excellent so far. Good luck deciding! X
  11. Hi Madeline, 1) the tests for bloods and X-ray etc are all inclusive in the PIAC price. I think the extras would only he for stuff outside the 'normal' process or for any complications which occurred. 2) I also read this stuff about Dr B. I found him to be friendly enough. Like, he's not super bubbly or anything lol. He's very professional and factual but he isn't cold or unkind in his personality. I think people may sometimes forget that he is a highly educated and trained surgeon who takes his job very seriously and in these consults, he is working so he kinda has his work hat on, if you know what I mean?
  12. Mine aren't too high on my chest but I have had a baby and breastfed in the past so the skin was more stretchy than yours probably is
  13. I haven't started massaging yet. Dr B didn't tell me to at my pre-surgery consult or before I was discharged from hospital. I've got an appt in a couple days so I'll ask then They are still firm and not really movable. Still kinda numb, if you know what I mean?
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