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    Dr Huy Tang @ TCI 01.08.13
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  1. i'm tossing up between tang and lee @ tci and just wanted to FR u x

  2. I will send you a FR- considering round XHP, 380cc. I am booked in with Dr Tavakoli x

  3. Fr as I'm considering tci:)

  4. Hey girls! Finally logged on after about 5 months of not being on here. So here's some little updates Boobs are good good! I'm an 8G, but definently am considering getting a revision maybe towards the end of the year. I love them to bits but I want them bigger and to actually look like the size size they are. They have given me so much more confidence and I get alot of attention these days haha I also got fillers in my lips a few months ago, absolutely love it and I'll be going back soon for a top up. Had my first anti wrinkle injections done a few months ago too. I first got my crows feet, Frown lines and eyebrows lifted. It took maybe 5 days until I felt it kick in. I got a top up of all those areas plus my forehead last Thursday and it kicked in within a day! Love botox now! Never thought I'd be one to get that but I won't stop now! One more update! Left my crazy jealous partner last October! He was already a jealous person before my boobs and after I got them he got worse. I was already fed up with him but that just pushed me over the edge and I left him! Best thing I've ever done So I've been single for about 5 months now and loving it! Hope your all well and hello to all the newbies that have joined since I last posted haha x
  5. hi just sent u a fr coz im a drtang girl too,well i will be in march thanks :)

  6. Hi just sent you a FR. I plan to get similar sizing to you, would love to see your result if you don't mind

  7. Hey just would love to see your pics as I have 5 weeks to go to mine :)

  8. hey hun hope you dont mind the add, my ba is on the 24th of this month! would love see your progress. getting scared now x

  9. I'm not though! I'm a size 10 or small in clothing! She said I just have a tiny waist! So weird!!
  10. So I went into bras and things last week, the lady told me I am a 10F but because they had nothing I liked in a 10F she told me a 12E is the equivalent of a 10F, so I brought a playboy bra and after wearing it for one day it was horrible! My nipples kept coming out and it was loose in the band. So I Went to brava lingerie in melbourne today! They specialise in DD+ bras. I told the lady I think I am a 10F & she questioned the 10 and said I look like an 8 band size...Tried on a few bras and turns out I am a 6GG! It's funny that I have been wearing the wrong band size for years! I always just went with my clothing size...Would be awesome if I actually looked like a GG haha
  11. Wish my surgeon was more lenient and let me go bigger than my BWD! Mine is 12cm, and my 420s are 12cm wide. Wish I could have gone 520s or even 460! Don't care if I sound greedy but they aren't big enough I mean seriously, compared to the photos I showed of the look I wanted to achieve, they don't look anything like them. And I should have got overs. Haha!
  12. I just had a look at la senza, they only go up to DD I love Honey Birdette bras but put I looked before and realised they only go up to C!
  13. Hey ladies! Just wondering if any of you can post some good online bra shops to purchase a 10F, in a push up/padded style! ASOS don't really have any styles that appeal to me
  14. Yeh knew it'd be more, thanks TCI
  15. YEP! Haha. I'm just a bit upset that I don't look the size I am. All the pics I showed my surgeon were all of girls who didn't look natural at all. In pics I look big but in person to me, I don't! Still love them tho, but would love an upsize one day! Haha
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