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  1. Yes, in Australia. We have been waiting for the swelling to go down more. It is clear though that it is dangling on one side, whereas onthe other it attaches all the way downt he side. It looks ghastly.
  2. Having said that though, as a result of visiting this forum and another one, I was able to help the lady one more time. Eventually one of those implants failed and she had to have a major breast operation a few years back which involved new silicone implants - hopefully the new ones that don't leak were used, the old style silicon ones had been banned by the fda for several years prior, so I really think our Australian surgeons would not be using them - at the Flinders Medical Centre. They did a real good job, got the size way too small the first time round, but they did replace them eventually with bigger ones. The op involved taking muscles from her back and running them over the breasts. She had been telling me how her implant was going down again, but having picked up on the info here about implants dropping down on thin women, it was clear that it had dropped down and to the left a bit, when I explained it to her. So yeah, the forum was quite helpful from that perspective. My wife and I need a support group though. When things go real bad, you just need people to talk to that know what to suggest next and what comes after that ...
  3. There use to be support groups for breast implants - but after the removal of the old style silicone ones from the market - these support groups apparently have died out. The one I had contact with in SA for a loved one was very very supportive, they arranged for someone to be there at the airport, they arranged for us to see a gp that specialised in the side effects of the these implants and came with us, we were told which cosmetic surgeons were duds and unfortunately the one she had used was a dud the second time round - it took a good plastic surgeon two operations to get back a reasonable appearance of her breasts and the support group arranged for a couple of their members to be there for her when she went to the hospital. The dud plastic surgeon had placed her implants so high that once the swelling and fluids went down the breast was a saggy sack with two mounds high above them. Must have been his first attempt to place them behind the muscles, but it was bad. That surgeon refused to see her in his local practice and insisted we would have to see him in his Adelaide office, but she was also in too much horrific pain to travel down, and then the infections started, but fortunately we were able to get them under control by ordinary courses of antibiotics. - Another doctor said he couldn't understand why she got sent home from the private hospital in Adelaide while she was in such extremely high pain and the dud surgeons local office nurse said that he should be arranging for a royal flyng doctor trip for her back to the hospital. Then the phone call came, he was so concerned about his reputation because we were talking with other doctors about his work. I know this post is 2 to 3 years old, but if anyone finds a support group for people with breast implants or surgery problems, of any support group that would be involved in dealing with surgical mistakes of any kind, that at least would be something. I have had two posts running now for several days, 1 with over a 100 views, but no one has provided info about a support group. Running through the yellow pages for vic and sa have also failed to find anything, interent seasrches only turned up forums. So if anyone comes to this post at any time in the future and you know of one, please post it. These types of support are so important to have round.
  4. Half of one side of both inner and outer lips completely removed by gynacologist - wasn't part of the routine procedure and he has deliberatley kept us in the dark and lied when we saw him 3 times post op about the pain etc. When the swelling subsided we were mortified by the mutilation he did. We know need a second opinion and someone who can rebuild the inner and outer labias. I don't even know if that can be done, as the inside side of the inner lips is a type of mucous membranes from memory. We are beside ourselves. Anyone know of a support group we could phone? That would be good to. Thank you DOnald.
  5. Any support groups at all for surgical blunders or even just medical blunders?
  6. Actually it is the other way round. The labia minora has the two day bed rest then back to work with panadol on light duties. When the gynocologist who assured us he had done hundreds of these and it was a simple and straightforward, then he hacks off half of the labia majora, which was not part of the procedure.
  7. My wife went in for a simple seperation of a 6 o'clock fusion and a reduction of the labia minora. 3 and a half weeks after the operation and being told it all went well, that it was all good and everything was fine, we find ourselves looking at the horrific result of a surgical mutilation. He removed half of the left hand side labia majora and minora - completely hacked them off and sewed the area up in the hope it wouldn't be noticed. The vagina is no longer able to be covered by the lips for its protection from outside dirt and germs ... I need to know what plastic surgeons can do this sort of repair, who do we see and what do we do? Any support groups I can contact by phone? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer .
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