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  1. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Dr Chatpong at Bangpakok 9 hospital? Would love to hear some reviews on him Thanks!
  2. Thanks for that! I'm still doing a lot of research on Dr Chatpong KellyR - I have found a couple of reviews that say he is professional and ver thorough. I just goggled his name and a couple of reviews came up, still not heaps out there though ...
  3. Hi everyone, lim new to this forum and was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I'm thinking about heading over to Thailand to have rhino and BA done. So far I have been communicating with medi-makovers. They have recommended bangpakok 9 hospital and Dr Chatpong - from his profile he seems quite young. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with medi-makeovers, bangpakok 9 or the doctor? I haven't booked anything yet, just trying to do a lot of research and explore my options, so any advice at all would be really appreciated thanks everyone!
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