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    BA with Benelli lift
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    Bangkok 20/07/2011
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    167, 54kgs, 10 D

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  1. Hi, Thanks for ur msg. I'm full of all different feelings ATM!! Physical and emotions!! Ups n downs!! the pain in my leg is still there but the hospital is good keeping me dossed!! Not to excited for when I go home and won't have the super strong drugs!! I ha my dressings taken off today and got to see them!! My god my body is not being kind as the plastic dressing they used hurt so much to peel off my skin and left it all red n sore! The nurse said I must be allergic to that too!!!! The nurse said they looked GOOD and told me to see.... I think here good and my good are two different things!! They loom good because they wound is covered and looks like the graft has taken. But to me they still look a mess!! When I'm home I'll post all the pics!! So I'm just waiting on the all clear from the dr tomorrow formula opinion then I'll be discharged! Yay!! Home time after a week in a public hospital!!!