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    BA ~ Mentor ~ 400cc ~ High Profile ~ Smooth ~ Silicone ~ Rounds.
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    Dean Trotter - ARC Plastic Surgery on 18th March 2013
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    155cm ~ 48kgs ~ was a 10a/b now a 10DD :)
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  1. aww thx danielleb820 Sophiemp123 very happy with my results. feel free to send a FR
  2. Sooo good to hear ur surgeon fixed this for u im concerned about my twins at the moment at the start i could only FEEL slight rippling underneath but today i noticed a bit on my right boob on the inside of my clevage area i can actually see it a lil bit im not happy bcoz now i never want to wear bikinis and i was hanging for summer to b able to finally hav boobs in a bikini arr i dunno wat to do
  3. Awww thx girls and kona ur words about my abs r right they were there n there gone again lol i need to get bak on the wagon n just do it!! I can defs exercise an do alternatives at home an my sons bak to daycare this week so gym time again i just need to stay motivated!! Its so good to hav u girls with ur encouraging words pumps me up Inde im defs with u 100% on the weather. im in melbourne an today was so nice an sunny an warm we took the puppies for a walk an i was actually thinking how well fruit salad an all those healthy yummy foods would go down so good and easy in this nice weather!
  4. Hi hun i got mine done by dr dean trotter from ARC plastic surgery. he does reconstructibe surgery. my procedure was just a straight forward BA though so yours prob will cost a lil more. feel free to send fr if u want to look at pics.
  5. Ohh an these r tape extensions. iv had them b4 but never had this ptoblem,.i dont think the lady who did them knows wat she is doing 100% she isnt a hair dresser an she only puts hair extensions in and wen she put them in i think thry were too close and tight to my scalp.
  6. Thx ladies. Don- glad to hear ur ok now!! An u put my mind at ease by saying it wouldnt put u off silicone implants bcoz we dont know how our bodies will react and ur spot on i guess i dont feel as scared thinking of things like that..
  7. Well ladies i havnt been good at all im been eating sum good foods but mostly junk.. i think the trick is not being so so strict bcoz thats wat thru me off! Also my sons been really sick so his been home for 2 weeks so i havent even been able to get to the gym KONA- the gurgling is normal it will be fluid moving u will hear it quite a bit while ur assets r quite new
  8. Omg now im freaking my implants r silicone and ive never heard of all this b4... But at the same time if i had of known this i would never get saline im too scared of one deflating lol. But i got hair extensions about 2-3months ago an since then my head is always sooo itchy an i got 2 scab like things on my head one looks like some hair is missing from that area now use r freaking ne out is this coz of my implants? :s
  9. By the sounds of everyones opinions i would never get that thing. i only knew of one girl that had it who i use to work with and she was in hospital because she got so so sick from it.
  10. I think BA pain was worse i was up walking around the next day after my c section took a bit to get me up was so dizzy etc but wayever pain relief i was on i didnt feel norhing. plus i guess ihad bubs to worry about so was occupied where as with my ba i was in agony for days couldnt even get in n out of bed or shower or nothing.
  11. Heyy i have had micro bead, glue ins & tape and have tape in atm & tape r by far the best i find they are more comfortable and dont damage ur hair! My friend has a bob type hair cut with a shaved side and on the bob side she has a few tape extensions and it looks amazing. Ohh and when i had the micro beads in i took them all out after 2 weeks they annoyed me so much.
  12. Latisha ur looking amazing. if i put progress pics up i will look fatter then when i started. I feel so depressed and sh*t iv had no money i just feel **** iv pretty much been living off toast and cups of tea not good but when im broke thats wat i eat lol. im behind in everything bills, rent etc atm so heads all over the place!
  13. Latisha u are not wrongly cranky with him at all. I cant work out why he is on here either and definately dont appreciate his information his 'trying' to give. I think u should go make urself useful elsewhere!!
  14. Lol i dunno the other girls might of bee referring to lesbians or sumthing but according to my bf only skanks hav them ...trust him to kno haha
  15. Kiddi im assuming a Sl*t well thats my guess bcoz thays wat my boyfroend called me awhile ago just for saying i wanted one.. his way against it!
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