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    fairytopia got a reaction from alanam123 in Anyone similar to my stats that can enlighten me on what cc to go?!   
    Hey megz
    your stats are the same as mine- i weigh 52-53kgs and im 165cm. I had my breast augmentation done 3 weeks ago and i got dual plane placement 570cc, round but extra high profile. All depends on how big you want to be and what sortof look youre after You can add me if you want and private message me any questions
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    fairytopia got a reaction from alanam123 in Are you happy with your size??   
    im 11 days post op with 570cc xhp textured round and i feel like i am so unhappy.They are so huge in person and i feel that they look just that bit too big on me. I feel like pamela anderson. I was afraid from the start and kept telling my ps i didnt want to look ridiculous but still wanted them big. For the girls who have had over 500's similar to me, did yours shrink a little? Im actually hoping mine go down a little bit otherwise i am going to be one unhappy girl and might have to look at a revision later on. Its so hard to be patient and wait 6 months but i so hoping they are going to get better
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