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  1. I meant I am a DD. Spelling error. Everyone gets boob greed. Choose a size and then add 50-100CC. Wish I went 100 cc bigger but all the sisters look massive when you're used to not having boobs
  2. Go bigger! I'm 174cm, size 8. I was an 8c or 10b-c prior to surgery and got 300 and 325. I'm not a DD. If I could do it again I would get 400cc.
  3. Bangkok Makeovers all the way. You wont find a bad review. I used them earlier in the year and they also have a closed group on facebook you can chat with other girls about their results and see photos.
  4. Hey, I havent had surgery in Europe but I have read that Tunisia do good cosmetic holidays and also have heard some good things about elyzea in Belgium. Make sure you do your research though.
  5. Hello! I want to get a BA, I have used Bangkok Makeovers before for a different procedure and theyre amazing. I cannot fault them but after doing more research Ive found that a lot of girls rave about PIAC and I just want some help making the decision. I want a very natural look. Also was wondering if anyone has had surgery in Brazil? Im open to suggestions... Cheers x
  6. No prob, I hope this helps girls who want it done.
  7. All the girls a bit too embarrassed to write about Labiaplasty. I had Labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction with Dr Karnjana booked through Bangkok makeovers. I was terrified at the start but couldn't find a bad review about Bangkok makeovers at all so I just took the leap. Bangkok makeover staff are all unreal and would recommend them to ANYONE 100% - great company. Great surgeons. So I had my surgery just 12 days ago. I am back in Australia now and am experiencing no pain what so ever and most of te swelling has gone down, I love my new bits yahoo! But the first week after surgery I was terrified thinking Karnjana had cut off my whole clit hood, it was horrible as my clit was totally exposed and would rub on my liner and hurt every time I washed in the shower. I rang Rachel and saw dr Karnjana for a follow up and they both assured me that my clit is very swollen and everything will come into place in a few weeks... I didn't really believe them because it literally looked as if I had no hood at all and I even started emailing reconstructive surgeons in America asking if they could fix me. Haha silly me! I am now almost 2 weeks post op and my clit has gone down almost completely (swelling) and my hood, sure enough, has dropped back down. Everything is looking great and I love my new bits! Everyone who is too nervous to book with her or get this procedure done, DON'T BE! I am now not going to get shy or embarrassed when I take my pants off. And too all the girls who think someone has taken a hack saw to your vagina, DON'T WORRY! You're not fully healed even 6 weeks after surgery so make sure you hang in there and go the distance, everything will go back into place and look great. I can only speak of dr Karnjana and not all surgeons though. I am so happy, if anyone has any questions about this procedure or recovery or dr Karnjana or Bangkok makeovers feel free to email and ask... Apologise for any spelling errors or anything, I've just had my ears pinned back and am doped up on strong pain killers. Cheers x
  8. Hey girls and guys! I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Breast Implants and plastic surgery in South America? Which cities? Great doctors? Reputable hospitals? And any booking companies maybe similar to Bangkok Makeovers? I have been to Thailand for surgery and it was amazing. I would love to get some natural looking breast implants but want to tie it in with a holiday to South America. Let me know! Cheers
  9. Has anyone booked or had otoplasty with Bangkok makeovers? I'd like to hear how it went?
  10. Hi, No problem, I just sent you a friend request. I'm booked for the 28 march, so ill let you know.
  11. Any one used this place? I'd just like to read some feedback :-) its in Sydney, chatswood!
  12. Hi I'm booked for labiaplasty with dr karnjana through Bangkok makeovers for end of march, I'm very excited and heard a great review of karnjana. It was so hard to get info on this surgery, it's like no girls talk about it on here, but after digging around I got to speak to a girl who is 6 weeks post op with the same doc and she said it was amazing!
  13. Um I wrote a comment back and don't know how to use the site so I don't know what's going on right now haha
  14. Thanks kels. I did and all booked, their reviews sound amazing. When are you going
  15. I was the one who originally posted this post and I'm so glad I kept researching but I only found answers through a client directly and nothing on this website. I know it's a private procedure but this kind of procedure is the one that needs THE MOST research to be done and be sure you're using a reputable surgeon.
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