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  1. Hi jaddles how is ur recovery and new boobs going,
  2. Hi I also got a weird rash on my BA scars and tummy. My ps thought maybe a silicon allergy but not sure. I used a strong cortisone which I think got rid of it, and stopped all dressings, bio oil etc. I also used fungal cream too so can't be sure which one fixed the problem. My ps also prescribed antibiotics too and told me to take antihistamine. I think that u should give them a call as there is stronger anti fungal and cortisone creams that can be prescribed. Feel free to fr me as I have photos of my rash
  3. Wow u did it jaddles, well done I'm sure the implants will be worth it and sounds like ur ps is very good fine tuning ur tummy too. Hope u get some rest, sounds like u will be very beach ready for ur summer HollidayHolliday
  4. Hi jaddles , good luck with ur up coming implants, hope u are doing well. I'm travelling good, going to have some minor stuff done for dog ears, I asked my ps about my gap, which he said if he placed the implants closer together I would see the edge. I'm not well researched into bwd bu my implant is 2 cm less than bwd , I can't feel or see the implant edge so that's good. It's also good that ur getting some feeling back, I'm still a bit numb, got my bb pierced again and didn't feel it.
  5. Hi bee new I'm sending u a fr also. I'm not so happy with my gap either, seems more obvious than preop. I am yet to see my ps for the 3 month follow up as appointments have been rescheduled etc, but I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with round implants, having said that I'm happy with the way they look in a bra but is 4 finger gap without.
  6. Hi, my lower back has improved so much since my TT. I used to put my back pain down to job, picking up children etc. I still do all that but my back is in a much better state so the TT must have helped. Although just so u know for the first few weeks after the surgery my back was in agony, prob due to being hunched over and stuck in uncomfortable hospital bed. However I'm still surprised how well my lower back is, having ab muscles must really take some pressure off the back. I haven't done any ab work outs or Pilates so it's all the TTTT
  7. Hi jaddles how are u. Congrats on booking ur date,not long now. What is the TT review? Also I think 300 will be plenty of boob esp as overs. My bwd is same as yours at 14. I got 12 cm width mod plus allergen. 375. I am a 12 e and I wouldn't want to be any bigger. I was prob a 12 b- c before. Hopefully ur recovery will be a breeze esp as overs, will look out for ur future posts
  8. Hi I had lipo on my tummy, I think most use it to achieve an even flat look. I'm not sure how much I had or where exactly, but have a very flat tummy so could be a fair amount
  9. Hi jaddles how are u going, haven't been on here for ages, got addicted to candy crush instead. I have checked out ur recent photos, think ur scarring is looking very good, didn't know u had a nipple piercing, is that post op? Hope all is going well, have u decided on implant size yet? I'm going well enough, decided I better get back to exercise regime before my next ps appointment in a few weeks. All in all I'm pretty happy, but have a gap bt boobs, but easily pushed together in a decent bra. In ur expertise what is considered a normal separation, I think I read somewhere 2 fingers mine more like a palm.
  10. Hi , I haven't been on here for a while. I was about 60 kgs pre op very hard to maintain and now 64 kgs. I have been eating everything and doing not much the last few weeks. I have to say that I'm still thrilled with my flat tummy and better boobs. I still look way better than I did at 60 kgs pre op. having said that I will try and get back on the diet exercise regime. To all the pre op ladies I don't think u should stress about weight gain in the first 6 weeks, it's better to just rest and not over do it. The results will be awesome, and u can catch up on fitness later. Also remember fibre is ur friend
  11. Hi all it's been a long time , seems like everyone is doing well. Grippster I'm so jealous of ur job. Ov just make sure ur scar is dry before the new tape. I didn't alcohol wipe mine but prob good idea.
  12. P.s I was a saggy 12 b- c pre op and went dual plane always been broad and size 12 band not changing with weight loss etc.
  13. Hi jaddles haven't been on here for a while. Seems like everyone is going Well,,congrats on booking ur BA. 300 should be great for u as u have some decent amount of tissue already and as ur going over it will be plenty. I got 375 and ima12 e in most bras prob less in non padded grandma bras. It can be hard to get nice bras over dd. I think u should definitely go for it and stick to rounds, like u said u have the worse scars already. As for recovery I found The BA incisions more irritating than the TT scars and seemed to persist, otherwise I was capable to do everything ie hanging washing lifting kids etc. my main grumble is that I don't have much cleavage without a bra, which is prob due to tear drops and mod profile. I will mention this to ps when I see him next but I'm sure it will be brushed off as I asked for natural boobs.
  14. Hey congrats to u,welcome to the flat side. Sorry to hear about ur nausea that must have been very painful. Good luck and I will check on u progress
  15. Hi ray, my work is on my feet and can be heavy so I went back at 6 weeks. My tummy still did hurt at the end of the day however Im all good now. Maybe u can benefit from one more week off and hopefully ur walking better, getting the kids in and out of car can be a struggle enough. My ps did suggest 4 weeks off work for most jobs and suggested the 6 weeks for me.
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