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    BA 290cc Jan 2013 Originally 10A Now 10C
    Revision BA to 10DD & Lipo - Hoping for Jul 2013
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  1. Hi Tango: Hope you have been well and that you are loving your new breasts. I ended up going with Dr T after all, have spoken to other girls who've all gone with him, even one who had complications and they all recommended him. He was just really convenient to go to since I work nearby. Will see how it goes... Still haven't figured how to post picts but your avatar looks amazing! You must be happy with the results. Sydgirl

  2. hey sydgirl, hows everything going? made any decisions yet? hope your well x

  3. [quote= ROOKIE ERROR GIVING MY NUMBER OUT TOO EARLY? Damn now i'm disappointed, he's pulled a creeper on me less then 2 hours of having my phone number. Seriously WTF. He is 37, do they still do this at 37?
  4. It's interesting to see how diverse the group is. I've been working for 10 years, looking to switch to another field - it will be between law or illustration, i think...
  5. Hey: Congratulations - They look amazing!! Great size!
  6. Hi Lexie: Just sent you a FR to check out your pics if you don't mind. I have been following your journey through your posts. I am also looking to do a revision in June/July so am curious to see how your new 'set' have turned out as I am trying to work out sizes and the look I want. Thanks!

  7. Hi Sezzy: Thanks for accepting my FR - seeing your pics I see what you mean about the cleavage. At least you have a great doctor who's willing to go for a revision. I think the 500's will look great. I'm also looking for a revision but have to wait until June/July for the 6 month mark. Good luck!
  8. PS - I told absolutely no-one about my BA and although I have started to talk about 'getting' cosmetic surgery to family and friends since the BA, no-one has made the connection so far (that I've already had it), they are all telling me that I don't need it I think only if its a drastic increase (like A-G cup) that they might notice
  9. Hi: No one will notice the change from A-C - especially if like most of us, you have been wearing padded bras. I'm 155cm high, 47kg and I went from A-C (see my signature) and no-one (close friends or family) has noticed in the months since my BA, even when I wear tight tops, which make them look a lot bigger than I did in padded bras. Beware the boobie greed monster...
  10. Hi AshleyKaras: Don't worry - It definitely goes away. I Had the same experience/feelings after my BA. I found the tight feeling where you couldn't breathe is stronger when the muscles get more tense, and that taking the valium prescribed by the PS helped a LOT. (they were more intense in the first few weeks when I was rushing around for work but better once I rested and relaxed) Then one day, about 3-4weeks post-op, I started to get periods where I didn't notice them at all, which kept getting longer and longer until at about my 6week mark, almost overnight, they felt like part of me and I found that I was surprised at the end of the day to realise I hadn't noticed my boobs at all It gets better, so hang in there!
  11. Fr accepted :) Yes they are I went as big as I could because I had before pregnancy and breast feeding almost the same size as now. I had to fill my empty breasts and that is why I went for 620cc. Love my size :) my advise go as big as you can then you.

  12. Hi: JUst sent you a FR - Bigger is better ;)and I'm trying to figure out how big I can go for my revision/ Yours look amazing - do you find that with larger breasts, they are still proportional to your body?

  13. HI: I wouldn't worry too much, I had bruising post op in areas around my breasts (as well as other areas!), and it went away within a week or two and was told that it's natural
  14. Hi: It sounds like you need someone who has experience with reconstructive surgery? Why don't you try Dr Steven Liew, he used to work as one before he went into cosmetic surgery and he specialises in breasts and faces so he might be able to do something for you. My exp is only with a BA so that's all I could tell you about. Good luck and hope u find someone who can help
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