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    BA and possible BL. Why? because I can :)
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    Dr Nond , 7th October 2013
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  1. I had my BA 10 months ago. One nip is completely numb, the bottom 3rd of both breasts are numb and the other nipple sort of has feeling but its not a nice feeling. Light strokes feel annoying and sucking hurts. Im holding out for a return to pleasurable sensation, but not sure if it will
  2. The bottom of the breast is still numb but only a small section. One nipple has no sensation, the other does but its hypersensitive as in touching it lightly hurts and kinda nauseating. They are still quite firm ...the implants them selves, but the breast tissue itself is soft. I hope you dont have cc. So odd, I thought once we got the boobs our problems would be over. But really they just changed.
  3. Well here I am several months after the fact and finally getting feeling back in the boobs. It fels heavy and hypersensitive and kinda achy. Anyone else getting this?
  4. That is great! Stiched something to your ribs sounds a bit major tho
  5. Thats very true I would go with dr nond no matter where he is. Sugar is the nurses aid who had her baby. I will be watching ght with interest. My hubster was so impressed with it all he wants his eyes done next year. I wonder if international smiles will have him as one of their doctors.
  6. I went to the ght facebook page and they admit theyve been bought out, so I deleted my pics. I looed at the fb pages of the nurses...one is still in bangkok and one is still in thailand but had her baby.
  7. They still hurt but its a weird feeling. The boobs are basically topically numb but I can feel deep pressure if I push on them. If hubbys sucks on the nips or I press on the scar sometimes I get stabbling pains. The shower gives them a burning nauseous sensation. Still they look good in clothes and hubby lurves them lots lol
  8. Had m6 check up. Dr Nond says the pucker8ng should go over the next 3 months and the scars flatten over the next 6. Otherwise hes happy with how they look
  9. A forum that deals with this a lot is marriageadvocates.com Been there, done that, threw away the teeshirt...
  10. This is the link to the nz police page with links to report this harrasment http://www.police.govt.nz/advice/email-and-internet-safety/electronic-crime I am sorry you are going thru this
  11. The guy is in nz. Can you tell who his isp is? If it is reported he will lose his account
  12. Ohh I didnt know there auto censored words
  13. Im currently working on a testimonial for dr nond that he can use on his website. I think a lot of people are starting to work out nick is a nutter, but I just wanted to make sure this forum had the info. As a newbie I would have struggled since simply trying to choose a surgeon is hard enough, let alone trying to work out who is telling the truth
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