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    BA booked for 21st June Yahnee Hospital Bangkok
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    Dr Pramote 21st June 2013
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  1. Whether you choose here in Aus or overseas in Thailand it all boils down to the right doctor. Thailand hospitals (fully accredited international) are as clean if not cleaner than here in Australia. If you have the op in Thailnd they do not recommend you fly before 10 days post op (or no warranty cover) so that is prob another reason the didnt recommend you have the op here then fly to Thailand in 6 days. I personally agree with the earlier comment you wont be able to enjoy Thailand anywhere near as much if you go too soon after your BA so if you have it here split your holidays up into one week at a time, if you cant then i would recommend you go on your holiday then come back and have the BA.
  2. Has anyone had or heard any stories on Lipo dissolve. Its injections into the fatty areas and they swell up considerably for the next 4 days then it all goes back to normal and in 12 weeks the difference is amazing. From the stories on the net its extremely painful but everyone still says you get great results with out have Liposuction. Im thinking of having it on my tummy and maybe thighs.
  3. Mine are under the arm and are a light shade of pink. You can def tell they are a scar but they are in a crease so don't stand out too much. Prob take about 6months I recon.... But that's just a guess
  4. Would love to hear how it all went and to see your before and after photos... Hope all is going great with your recovery ......
  5. Yes Ive been watching for an update too...hope all is well ......
  6. That's fantastic news. I hope everything just keeps getting better and better from now on. Luckily she went to the hospital when she did and didn't leave it any longer.....
  7. It's hard MADELEINE to wait patiently for them to settle. I'm 10 weeks also and are still wearing a sports bra 24/7 from Dr's instructions and mine have only started to change to a nice round shape in the last week or so and I have only cheated about 3 times and wore a BNT cotton underwire free bra for a couple of hours lol.... But I am going to go to Cotton On next couple of days and get the lace one that Starbright had on it is sooo pretty and looks comfy too.... And I only have 2 more weeks till its pretty bra time woo hoo
  8. Gosh Boobs Please I hope your friend is ok.... Fingers crossed all has gone well over the weekend. I am also a Bangkok girl and had heard it was hard to see a Dr here to correct any problems so I'm glad she has got some help. Can I just ask though if someone does have to have an explant for 6 months does that mean they would take both out so that you were even .....
  9. The co-ordinator from the hospital offered the pick up service otherwise I wouldnt have known about it either. They did give me 4-5 hotel suggestions in the local area but I stayed in the city (googled 22 min away but allow an hour min for bumper to bumper traffic lol) cause I could walk to the shopping district, restaurants and market. I stayed at Evergreen Place and had a 2 room suite (cheapest room) and it was $64. a night.(brekkie incl) I loved the hospital the professionalism, cleanliness (yep better than here and I work in the medical industry !!) and the whole caring/personalization treatment you receive. Two of my friends are thinking of going next year now after seeing my photos of the hospital and my stories. Dr Pramote may be a bit extreme with his recovery advice (3 mths 24/7 in a sports bra) but that also may have to do with my age (50) but the results are fantastic. I honestly did not think I would feel this good about myself, I finally feel in proportion and Im amazed I actually dont hate my legs anymore Im starting to believe everyone who said there not That big ha ha...... Good luck girls with everything....Oh the only thing I will pass on is after the op ask for strong pain relief in injection form as I was in extreme pain but they only gave me panadol/nurofen (which they classed as strong !! ) for the first 9 hours cause I didnt complain and they thought I was ok. (2 pethidine shots later I was fine ha ha). Even though they give you pain relief to take home I would recommend taking a tablet called Mersyndol Forte (prescription only / muscle relaxant) as they were the best pain relief for the first 2 days (then only needed panadol) and they dont tend to constipate you either like the heavier drugs...........
  10. Hi Ace80 I went to see Dr Stubbs www.drstubbs.com.au/‎ in Williamstown There are 2 types of procedures Refractive Surgery (lens replacement) or CK Treatment (non surgical). He does have a gap to pay from medicare but Im sure it was minimal. Two of my work collegues have had the lens replacement done and are extremely happy (one had astigmatism). Hope this helps.
  11. I'm still numb about a quarter on the bottom of both boobies.... Someone on here once said that can last 12 months or may never come back !!!!! ... I am Still wearing sports bras (boring to the max) 24/7 till my three months is up and even when I cheat for a couple hours / a day I get a bit sore or the guilt sets in lol But I must admit I am really pleased with the round /side boob shape they have become even if its taken a lot longer than most of the lovely ladies here and do look forward to sleeping free or wearing pretty bras for a change ....
  12. Instead of having contact lens implanted go to an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) and ask if you are a candidate for plasma replacement. Its around $2000. per eye and they remove the existing plasma from behind the eye and replace it with a false one, then you never wear glasses again. 2 of my work collegues have had it one in her 40's and the other in her late 50's. I wear contacts too but cant have the op for atleast another 7+ years cause my eyesight problems are age related only and my distance is only a +1 magnafied and my close is a +3.5 so when they get some what closer in gap I can have the op. It works better on ppl who have a stigmatism he said.
  13. Welcome danielleb820 & Zoey-lea you will love this site and it will become your bible once you have had ur BA.... No matter how silly you think the question is there is always a reasonable answer here ha ha..... And I don't know how many times my mind has been put at ease here quicker than an answer from the Dr lol.....
  14. Thanks girls ..... Looks like my new BFF (Tri pillow) gets to leave the room for a massage ha ha
  15. Hi this is prob a silly question but does anyone know how long after ur BA is it ok to lie flat on ur tummy. I'm in Bali and tried to sun bake but felt like I was putting too much pressure on them and they would burst ha ha... Luck I brought my Lilo for the pool as that's fine but too scared to have a full massage...
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