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    BA booked for 21st June Yahnee Hospital Bangkok
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    Dr Pramote 21st June 2013
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    155 / 53 kilo / Shrinking 12B

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  1. Hi I can feel ur pain with the whole sleeping thing it drove me insane had lots of broken sleep nights in hotel as same bum and back sore and numb also sliding down my pillow fort lol my hubby was good when he woken in the night helped me back up but in the end I think I would get to 4 am then give up trying to sleep longer sumtime would forget and roll on my side holy crap that hurt. About 4 week mark I was able to sleep more comfortable in my bed but still semi sidewards I would stick a pillow under the side sleeping for more support and comfiness from 6 week side sleeping no problem first few times with out sleeping with bra on was strange also but now all good.

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