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    Breast augmentation, crowns and teeth whitening
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    BA Dr Piyapas, 22nd May 2013, Bangkok Hospital Phuket
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    Fitness, horses, healthy living, baking, chocolate (unfortunately I have to limit it!!) fun stuff, sex ? and I love looking at boobs!! Haha!

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  1. LatishaToya


    Sorry for the slow replies on this this topic. I have been so busy. Anyway, to the point, I'm on aligner number 3 now and I've just had the attachments added too now like you April6420. I've had 14 attachments put on and they are a little uncomfortable but I know it will just be something that I get used to. Mainly behind my top lip, I may try some bonjela, but I figure it's like wearing in a new pair of shoes, your skin eventually hardens to it a little and you're good. ive been sent off with 10 new aligners, so my next appointment isn't for another 10 weeks. I just change them on a weekly basis at the same time until I go back in for more and a check up. I am so happy I have them. 8 months and I'll have perfectly straight teeth. That's amazing! It does make kissing feel weird at first, especially with the attachments but you get used to it. Also if you like to lick lollypops (metaphor going on there if you didn't realise) no issues at all. ? Update picture of teeth with attachments for you to see. ✌️❤️ As you can see on inspection, it is slightly more obvious and as told last night while on a date, "looks like I have pimples on me teeth" hahahahaha! Guys are so funny sometimes ?? (the emojis were basically my reaction!)
  2. Personally I bought compression tops from target and Kmart. Also the thinner compression type ones and just wore 3 at a time. I also bought sports bras that were only material and not boned or anything like that. Just as long as I felt supported I was happy. I liked it to be firm and I felt safe. I didn't buy any really expensive top of the range compression bra.
  3. LatishaToya


    Whoopsy! I just realised that this post should not be in the overseas forum... I'm getting it done in SA
  4. LatishaToya


    So for anyone following this post, I apologise that I haven't put a before pic up yet. Life gets in the way sometimes. i would like to update that I now have my first aligners as of yesterday. I have been advised that o will change them weekly at the same time each week, Monday evenings for me and the treatment time total is 35 weeks, which I am super happy about as technically I should be all done and no more Invisalign and straight teeth by June 2016. Basically the length of a pregnancy. They are are very comfortable, feel like wearing gum shields but aren't obtrusive. Mum and dad didn't notice last night until I told them and even when I did they found it difficult to notice. No one has mentioned anything at work yet even though they knew I was getting them, so interested to see if/ when they do notice. I will add pics of them in for you. As you can see my teeth are slanted predominantly on one side and you can't see from the photo but my bottom teeth are crowded and not straight. I will update as we go along. April I also go to the same place as you! ?? Also apologies, my lips are dry this morning and not responding to my paw paw ?
  5. Hey ladies, so I've posted a new album of my boobs which is now 2 years 4 months post op. There is also a cheeky picture of the corset that I bought from honey Birdette ? Its only open to my gallery friends so if you aren't my friend and would like be and aren't a creepy pervy McPerv... Sent me a request! ???
  6. LatishaToya


    No the treatment plan shouldn't be 2 years, however I'm not sure how long it is yet. I'm hoping at the most 12 months. If it's longer I don't mind. It's worth it. It al depends on the individual. Just the payment plan is 2 years and it's the same cost whether it takes 6 months or 2 years to fix your teeth. Oh and it's interest free too and if you have private health even better. Because of the time period I've started mine I can actually claim for 3 years, so I should get about $2500 I think. Which is nothing to stick your nose up at!! I went with Duncan's. Booked an appointment online, received a telephone call the next day I think from a receptionist confirming it all, she was very polite and lovely, they sent out a confirmation letter for the appointment in the post even though it was only 5 days away. The customer service has been fantastic, I am very aware of how others treat me in a customer service role and I have been nothing than impressed and happy with their service. Not pushy but very positive and it was hard to walk away and say no. I'll sort those pics out for you shortly. ?
  7. LatishaToya


    Yeah sure babe, I'll post some pics later for you. The consult was actually really good it just outlined everything, they do X-rays (for me anyway) on the same day, you are recommended to get a check up with your dentist first before the main images get taken. That's because once treatment starts you can't get any fillings are anything as it changes the shape of your teeth. i agree the time scale scared me and that's why I haven't done it yet, plus I have never liked the look of braces on an adult. One of the nurses had Invisalign that worked there and I honestly wouldn't have know had she not pointed it out, I noticed it then but it was still very discreet. I mi kind of figure if start the process you'll be half way before you know. The best part about them is that they can actually send you off with a supply of aligners to change into at 2 week intervals so you don't need to keep going back every two weeks for check ups or braces to be tightened. Plus bonus at the the end of it all they throw in teeth whitening with $500 to make it all fresh.
  8. LatishaToya


    We've probably got similar issues. Well I'm not going to lie it is expensive however I'm getting it on a 2 year payment plan. So I pay $160 ish a fortnight which totals $8,500. For me it's very affordable for something I've always wanted. I'm in SA, so it would likely be cheaper in Sydney I reckon. I had a free consult and I was drawn in.. Do it!!
  9. I agree, sleeping on my back felt the worst out of all positions and I just felt unsupported on my side. Pillows are your best friend.
  10. LatishaToya


    hello! So I am actually getting Invisalign. I didn't even think to post it but if anyone else is considering it, maybe I can help. My aligners are currently in the process of being made. Heaps and heaps of digital images were taken of my teeth which were uploaded onto thee very spiffy computer which works out the length of time it will take to make the corrections on your teeth and how many Alginers you will need. Typically your aligners change every 2 weeks. I am unsure how long my treatment will take yet but as soon as I do know I will update. I have a generally very attractive smile I just have hang ups about it and I have decided to finally do something about it. My bottom teeth are crowded and my top are slightly overlapping/ leaning on one side. My bite is good and like I say it not unattractive but those things are something that have bothered me from being a young age. Before I waffle too much as no one may be even interested please feel free to ask any questions. Xx
  11. Oh more sites to peruse, thanks babe! I just need the time to look now... Is sleep really that important?! Hahaha! I'll let you girls know what I end up going for. Super excited as I now have a get away this Sunday as well as the other one... It's all a bit kinky and I'm so f*****g excited ?
  12. Oh I love this place. So much love and understanding of each other. I feel a lot of us come from a very similar mold. I've always found this community such a warm place. Why the hell did I stay away for so long!! ?
  13. I lie on my tummy no issues. I don't think it was an extensive amount of time before I was doing it again. I naturally lie on my front... Well I'm a fidgit and I flip a lot but I don't even think about it twice... i recall having a body massage after my surgery and I had to lie on my front, it was a little too soon but I just was very careful. It was maybe a week after surgery... that was a little uncomfortable but bearable, I just made sure the lady knew. I will be an extreme but it's now been 2 years, no issues with my implants and sleep on my front whenever I want
  14. Wow Donatella that is super good prices. I went into honey birdette today and I could spend a small bomb in there.... Such a sexy little shop. I'll check out Annalise, thanks babe
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