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    PIAC Phuket 3 Quotes/ Recommendations in Australia and 3 Overseas prior to Surgery
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    BA & BL
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    8th April 2013
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    163 cm 12 c before surgery
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    Procedure Breast lift and BA +Reduction with Dual PLane last recommendation until pre op recommendation was changed to over muscle by p.s
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    375cc x 2 textured silicone Mentor Rounds high profile

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  1. beautiboo is gorgeous meeting in person .

  2. Hi , Somnio best at PIAC and Shanxovlog on youtube is great for BA , if having a BL Breast lift the first thing they worry we do not understand ..no hot water ..as many Aussie girls drink and forget .. it can take a while for feeling to come back.to nipple area depending on lift so they worry about us having hot showers particularly in winter when we return home. Cool water ok. No hot. If you have a breast lift ,ask for help first shower at hospital as it will be hard to turn on taps and or reach the high placed towels . Do everything they tell you , the reason for not going to the beach or bathing is it draws out the sutures. Do not sit in a warm bath as this will also draw out stitches like salt water will. Recommend having hair wash and dry over there for around $15 Au Dollars at hair salons.
  3. Thanks just waiting for area where stitch removed to heal from last friday at final appointment.

  4. hey bunny! Tied to reply but your inbox is full :) Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've been off line for a few days jealous about the bras! I have to wear my post op ones for 6 weeks andit feels like they are getting tighter! Not sure if that's from washing them and they're shrinking or if my boobs are fluffing already lol!! Hope your recovery is still going well babe XX

  5. Good to hear from you. Sounds like you would be glad to see the back of the last few days! Hope you get the drains out soon and feel better and better. We got same shape and placement, but I got 15cc less than you :) Rest up xx

  6. Oh you poor thing!! I was sooo glad I didn't have that. I couldn't imagine heaving when your chest hurts so much. Glad you're feeling better now, hopefully drains all good to come out today for you then you can relax and recover :)

  7. Yes BOZOgirl definately worth the pain , was not expecting nausea and vomiting everytime move, but it started to go yesterday when IV out and much better today , hardly any pain . Ended up with Dual plane tear shape 375cc as 400 would not fit , am very happy with results so far , just waiting for drains to stop leaking and looking forward to stitches coming out to see how it all goes then , maybe Sunday or monday : )

  8. LOL oops you didnt have rash me either . Yeah we both have tear shape and dualplane .xx Have you been sleeping on back or sitting up

  9. Hey Bunny, glad to hear you're ok! Hurts like buggery but definitely worth it :) I'm stopping all pain meds now other than panadol, will see how that goes. We're you sick? I was looking for you on here to see what was happening but couldn't find you! What did you end up getting? I'm totally in love with mine, even swollen and uneven as they are, at least I have boobs lol

  10. Hi beauti boo where are you Goodluck x

  11. Good luck bozo hope you are not in too much pain or nausea.

  12. Yeah Alioop for boobies . You are looking amazing glad to hear all going well besides the sore ribs and rash .The nausea and vomiting has finally stopped was worrying pain meds were coming up . Hardly any pain today or maybe keeping the pain meds down is helping . One of my drains is good not sure about other side still leaking . will find out wen dr does rounds in a couple of hours if coming out .x

  13. Hi there thankyou , feeling better today , have had nausea the last 2 days , decatherta out Monday , Iv out yeterday , just waiting on drains today . Nurses and Staff here have been so good helping me wash etc as i cant even turn on shower feeling it more , under the muscle dual plane this time than overs . Today a lot better to move around without any pain . will be out this arvo or tomorrow for sure . Loving my results so far just waiting to see all is well , will upload pics . Ended up with tear shape implants 375cc .:)

  14. Hi Bunny, how are you going? x

  15. Thanks alioop .. just checking ticker : )
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