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  1. beautiboo is gorgeous meeting in person .

  2. Thanks just waiting for area where stitch removed to heal from last friday at final appointment.

  3. Yes BOZOgirl definately worth the pain , was not expecting nausea and vomiting everytime move, but it started to go yesterday when IV out and much better today , hardly any pain . Ended up with Dual plane tear shape 375cc as 400 would not fit , am very happy with results so far , just waiting for drains to stop leaking and looking forward to stitches coming out to see how it all goes then , maybe Sunday or monday : )

  4. LOL oops you didnt have rash me either . Yeah we both have tear shape and dualplane .xx Have you been sleeping on back or sitting up

  5. Hi beauti boo where are you Goodluck x

  6. Good luck bozo hope you are not in too much pain or nausea.

  7. Yeah Alioop for boobies . You are looking amazing glad to hear all going well besides the sore ribs and rash .The nausea and vomiting has finally stopped was worrying pain meds were coming up . Hardly any pain today or maybe keeping the pain meds down is helping . One of my drains is good not sure about other side still leaking . will find out wen dr does rounds in a couple of hours if coming out .x

  8. Hi there thankyou , feeling better today , have had nausea the last 2 days , decatherta out Monday , Iv out yeterday , just waiting on drains today . Nurses and Staff here have been so good helping me wash etc as i cant even turn on shower feeling it more , under the muscle dual plane this time than overs . Today a lot better to move around without any pain . will be out this arvo or tomorrow for sure . Loving my results so far just waiting to see all is well , will upload pics . Ended up with tear shape implants 375cc .:)

  9. Hi Melski , Yes dr Thanakom is amazing. perfect artist at his work number 1 .He is caring and understands so Have a Happy New Year .Also hospital and food is 5 star .

  10. Best of luck Sophie just incase i dont get a chance before you go in . Yes you can pay cash , are you having a lift aswell ?

  11. Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery :)

  12. Highly Recommend PIAC Best Hospital in Thailand . Amazing staff xx

  13. Hi Hanni just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Hope all is going tops for you in Thailand . Are you enjoying the shopping ,,,

  14. Just wanted to say Hi and wish you all the very best. Dr Thanakom is my plastic surgeon .Welcome to Friend Request .

  15. Bras n things have a new after surgery bra range at last : ) No more velcro annoying stitches .

  16. On the green tea excersing madly not long to go eating healthy .

  17. Starting detox November not long to go :)

  18. If you were doing it all again what would you do differently , Food was so good loved the mushroom soup but will try something off the pay menu next time :)

  19. Turns out rambutans are yummy fruit and i think they taste good once you get past the funky look and it is very safe to travel to Thailand alone .Had a moment when i could not find passport and boarding pass in Bangkok but worried over nothing as i had put it in my other bag instead of handbag at last checkpoint .Had my heart racing and that awful sinking feeling for a moment though.

  20. Thankyou so much your new boobies look super fantastic hope your all healed and sleeping well , i get to do it all over in January no more than 350cc this time . Did you enjoy the shopping im saving for next time what was your favourite thing to buy and was your hotel good ?

  21. Having 350 cc in January , saving for more shopping loving the elephant tablecloths this time.

  22. Back home thankyou to all the lovely staff im missing the warm weather i forget i get bad travel sickness on arriving and leaving.

  23. Big Thankyou to everyone who posted its helped so much after having worse fears come true . Finally flying home tonight and will have better internet soon to answer some of you x

  24. Sorry , gp had my appointments go from weekly to every 2 -3 days for 2 weeks , have hardly had a chance to check emails. Internal stitches started coming to the surface which he got some and he picked the scabs off my incisions grrr am still coming to terms with all this aftercare as the vertical cuts have still not healed , am finding it all a lot to deal with, more appointments next week decisions need to be made , there was mention of restitching but probably not as its been restitched and hyperbaric treatment ,will find out more next week xx

  25. Dear Ninac , could you please do me a big favour and next time you see p.s , could you ask if in ten years the implants need changing will he go through the same lollipop incision , this is what ive just been told is the best way and was something i didnt think to ask my p.s thanks heaps xx

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