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  1. beautiboo is gorgeous meeting in person .

  2. Hi , Somnio best at PIAC and Shanxovlog on youtube is great for BA , if having a BL Breast lift the first thing they worry we do not understand ..no hot water ..as many Aussie girls drink and forget .. it can take a while for feeling to come back.to nipple area depending on lift so they worry about us having hot showers particularly in winter when we return home. Cool water ok. No hot. If you have a breast lift ,ask for help first shower at hospital as it will be hard to turn on taps and or reach the high placed towels . Do everything they tell you , the reason for not going to the beach or bathing is it draws out the sutures. Do not sit in a warm bath as this will also draw out stitches like salt water will. Recommend having hair wash and dry over there for around $15 Au Dollars at hair salons.
  3. Thanks just waiting for area where stitch removed to heal from last friday at final appointment.

  4. Yes BOZOgirl definately worth the pain , was not expecting nausea and vomiting everytime move, but it started to go yesterday when IV out and much better today , hardly any pain . Ended up with Dual plane tear shape 375cc as 400 would not fit , am very happy with results so far , just waiting for drains to stop leaking and looking forward to stitches coming out to see how it all goes then , maybe Sunday or monday : )

  5. LOL oops you didnt have rash me either . Yeah we both have tear shape and dualplane .xx Have you been sleeping on back or sitting up

  6. Hi beauti boo where are you Goodluck x

  7. Good luck bozo hope you are not in too much pain or nausea.

  8. Yeah Alioop for boobies . You are looking amazing glad to hear all going well besides the sore ribs and rash .The nausea and vomiting has finally stopped was worrying pain meds were coming up . Hardly any pain today or maybe keeping the pain meds down is helping . One of my drains is good not sure about other side still leaking . will find out wen dr does rounds in a couple of hours if coming out .x

  9. Hi there thankyou , feeling better today , have had nausea the last 2 days , decatherta out Monday , Iv out yeterday , just waiting on drains today . Nurses and Staff here have been so good helping me wash etc as i cant even turn on shower feeling it more , under the muscle dual plane this time than overs . Today a lot better to move around without any pain . will be out this arvo or tomorrow for sure . Loving my results so far just waiting to see all is well , will upload pics . Ended up with tear shape implants 375cc .:)

  10. Thanks alioop .. just checking ticker : )
  11. Did try some herbal detox footpatches while back not sure but they made my foot very clean ... Having nude only pedicures , no more nail polish until after surgery . Am wanting to make a tiny mini movie about holiday , surgery and hotel this time. Any tips much appreciated . Happy new year everyone
  12. Hi Melski , Yes dr Thanakom is amazing. perfect artist at his work number 1 .He is caring and understands so Have a Happy New Year .Also hospital and food is 5 star .

  13. Best of luck Sophie just incase i dont get a chance before you go in . Yes you can pay cash , are you having a lift aswell ?

  14. Thanks .. i almost forgot the ice packs and still yet to get the soap ..Johnsons sounds nice .. i had a salt bath last week .. was lovely... skin felt polished afterwards .. yet to book wax in on the last week ..
  15. I was told the lift compression bra would be good to wear second week and would help with seroma and ease swelling so wore it from day 7 or 10 a bit and on flight home etc. i would not recommend wearing the velcro front compression bra while any stitches are still in ...in my opinion ...ouch ...maybe the zip compression which is not for lift only BA ..and im not sure my compression bra was a great fit after i sent my measurment under breast it was ordered in Australia and arrived here before leaving . The bandeaus bras Dr Thanakom gives are a good size and come in black and beige .
  16. or 2 weeks and He will advise you what to wear after that depending on your surgery . Some with large implants may feel not enough support by bandeau when out and about round town second week so maybe an ahh bra or no wire free sports or a post surgery compression bra can be used depending on the surgery check with p.s
  17. Yes he does Bandeau style only post op for first week
  18. Jan 12th Dr Thanakom @ PIAC So will my old implants fit in this booby bag and there is such a thing as a double lift .. has any one had one on this site or only on the other site .
  19. ok so updated picture to boobie bag and removed old ticker
  20. Hi Aimee Piac 12th Jan leaving here 11th . Have taken nearly everything out of suitcase that goes on over my head , if i cant step in and pull up am leaving it Just worked out im next to Beautyland woohoo need a list of what to stock up on . Tried to find it last time coming from the other end of town last time but failed .
  21. It should say 22 days .... 5 times wrong now .....i give up on ticker
  22. Lol my own ticker is wrong , thats twice now . Not very accurate as all you do is tell it the date of surgery and two times it gets it wrong . List above is also incorrect .
  23. Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery :)

  24. Congratulations Kaytee Bras n things are suppose to just newly have ....after surgery bras ,.. maybe check their website first , ahh bras and sports bra were recommended by others and our agent supplied a special BA or BL bra for a set price before surgery . If all else fails try ebay or agent Somnio can order the proper ones . An underwire sports bra from elsewhere .. everyone seems to have a different one they prefer . Good to have at least one proper Breast augmentation or lift bra and use ahh bras when its in the wash etc.
  25. Starting us Dec -January 2014 girls a list , a couple of you still need tickers to make it easier . First up i think is; Sophie 15 days to go ,Sapphire 19 days , Sara ,Miss la 21 days Megz 22 days ,Bozogirl , popsicle 23 days , Bunny (playgirl) , Kashka , Aimee , playboybunnyboobies , Pamela06 Apologies if ive left anyone off or mucked up its just a starting point .
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