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  1. Hep c, HIV and either hep a or b
  2. At what stage to they usually get bigger? If your lucky that is.
  3. Massively happy with my boobs, look great, feel great, couldn't be happier. Only thing is for the past 6 weeks I've measured 95cm and wear a DD bra. Just measured again and now 91cm which is apparently barely a C cup. I know they drop and fluff a bit (have brazilans though) however it's a big jump down and they don't look smaller? Really want to retain my DD label and don't understand when they look the same size.
  4. I have the exact same problem! Did it last week and it kills me when I sneeze. So uncomfortable and makes it hard to sleep even, hoping it just goes away. Apparently heat packs might be good. Wish I still had some Valium left!
  5. Sooo hard lol, it's the sneezing that gets me the most
  6. I'm 4 weeks post op and was sick last week. Unfortunately I think I pulled a muscle in my chest from coughing. It's been 4 days and hurts like a mofo when I move/sneeze/laugh/sniff etc. it's a sharp pain in my left breast near the middle of my chest. Assuming it won't impact on my new implants however should I check this out? Anyone else had this?
  7. kittyhawk83


    Be careful as every time you apply for a loan or credit card it gets noted on your record. Too many rejections doesn't look good
  8. I started wearing these after about two weeks. As long as they don't aggravate your scars and are supportive it should be fine. I don't wear them for long periods of time though. I just used my common sense and the doc said I could wear whatever I felt comfortable with, other than underwire of course.
  9. Mine was a week early just to be inconvenient lol
  10. I have a great tip for side sleeping that the dr suggested. I'm 2 weeks in and was going crazy sleeping on my back. Get a normal everyday pillow, hug it really tightly to your chest as you carefully roll on your side. There may be some pain (same pain you get when getting up from laying down). Bear through that and slowly relax your grip until it's no longer uncomfortable. Keep hugging the pillow though. Suggest you have more than one pillow under your head until it's more comfortable as less pressure. There is only pain when moving but a great relief from being on my back. The dr said there was no problem doing so at this stage. Hope this helps someone else. I couldn't deal with the pillow fortress for the whole night through, didn't have the travel pillow though which May have helped my neck a bit
  11. I got the pink one and saw today they are now only $10
  12. i think it must depend on the surgeon. i had my one week follow up this week and was told i didnt need to wear one to bed and could wear what i wanted. i still wear crop tops anyway as my nipples are way too sensitive to be out "free". still dont think i can wear underwire though for a while
  13. I had bad pain and had to go back for stronger meds. Haven't taken any meds since day 6 the last day or two was just to help put me to sleep
  14. I'm a week out and still can't sleep through the night. Sleeping in my back is killing me! Trying so many pillow combinations and swap between the couch and bed once or twice a night. Driving me loco anyone else having sleeping problems?
  15. Good luck everyone. I'm on day 5 and just managed to leave the house today, hope everyone's recoveries are going well!
  16. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Went out briefly tonight and felt so self conscious as they seem huge lol
  17. Had my ba on Monday and have big creases under my armpits as my boobs are squished high. I assume it's just swelling but looks in attractive so hoping it goes away soon. Any one else have this issue?
  18. Having really sharp pains in my left breast which is probably the nerve endings but the pain killers don't help those pains at all. Had a peek and pretty happy so far, not as frankenboob as I expected, was also scared of being too big but they are perfect
  19. yesterday was my big day finally. was up at 6 as needed to be there by 7am. wasnt too nervous until i got into my robes and slippers and went into the operating room. my bf was there for support which was great. had some photos taken then was drawn on. laid done on the table and my needle was put in(bit of a stab). my veins are tricky to find but they found one eventually. the worst part was being sprayed all over with the antiseptic spray, it was like ice and torture! eventually drifted off and woke up done! was feeling bit sleeping but not too uncomfortable. my bf picked me up shortly after. all in all pretty straight forward. when i got home it was another story. was in soooo much pain i was balling my eyes out. my bf and i miss heard earlier and thought i was given pain meds already but hadnt. so i spent over 3 hours with no pain relief thinking it was normal but excrutiating. called dr h who cleared it up so finally had my meds (you get given a great goody bag of meds . unfortunately the pain didnt really get much better and i have been in so much pain until now. cant do anything for myself and even needed help in the bathroom . woke up every 4 hours last night neededing the drugs including valium. had sleeping tablet wi=hich helped get me off to sleep but woke up three hours later not much better today so my bf called dr h and has gone to get me some stronger meds. because im tall they may not have been enough. havent had much of a glimpse of the girls yet as been too sore. hopefully soon! should be able to take some photos tomorrow have to wear a strap too which has been awful. btw super dooper icypoles are the best!!!!! and dr harwood was the best!
  20. Mine were only today but the recovery is so much worse than I expected. Didn't help that due to my own oversight I wasn't only pain meds till 3 hours after, even on now the meds I'm in so much pain and can't move at all. Might just be me being unlucky though. Fingers crossed tomorrow is significantly better!
  21. Just five days. I thought I had pain meds at the surgery but turns out I didn't. So had three hours of the worst pain I've ever had. Meds starting to kick in now thankfully. Will posty experience when the pain subsides s bit
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