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  1. Thank you. I am so confused of what i want now. I am tossing between bbl or coolsculpting. i am 162cm and weigh 55kg, regular excercise. below is my current body shape and my desire butt. I just want to get rid of my belly fat and maybe have better butt
  2. Hi Anyone has done BBL procedure in Perth with Dr Guy Watts? I am considering a consultation with him in Perth for convinience as i live here. interested to se if anyone has done bbl with dr ajaka in sydney also. thank you
  3. Thank you i will give the coolsculpting a go. The idea of butt lift scares me as i dont want to look ridiculous hahah
  4. Hi mumof3, thanks for the reply. No the fat isnt pregnancy (i havent got kids yet) purely just stubborn belly fat.. my sister in law did the cold one and so far so good, and i might try it soon
  5. I ve done mine with dr jib in phuket three years ago..will go back for second surgery if needed after i have a child in the future the experience was seamless..hospital was amazing!
  6. Hi i ve done my surgery my self without company and its not as scarry as you think. 3 years ago i had online consult with dr Jib in phuket hospital and few months later i flew there consult first day and surgery the same day. all seamless experience Good luck
  7. Hi All Anybody has done these procedure? I have done my breast surgery in Phuket and really happy with the result 3 years ago. Now I am looking to improve my tummy area and better butt. Non surgical preferrable but open with any sugestion. I am thinking to do cool sculpting around belly and thigh area as i dont think i have enough fat for lipo around my belly. Little bit about my current body figure. I am 162cm & 55kg. Gym 2-3 times a week and lifting weight, however i am not happy with my lower belly and excercise and food do not make much of difference. along with it, i also looking to make my butt lifted bit better. I have ok butt but looking to make it lift better.excercise do help but i want something better along with excercise. Any suggestion anyone? Thank you
  8. Nars sheer glow or matte..now they have new luminous foundation and its amazing!!! My favorite for oily skin
  9. Congratssss dreambod..wish you a speedy recovery xxxxxxxxxx Ive sent you fr if its ok
  10. Hi Sniff, i had my op with dr jib although mine was straight forward surgery non lift..
  11. Omg..my gf had hers with Dr Somsak Chuleewattanapong two years ago..eeeekkkk
  12. Hi don, i have sent you a fr if you dont mind as ive been following your journey. Good luck with your quest. I am sure they will look amazing..x
  13. Hi sassy, thank u hon..but dont worry he is very conservatives doctor, i had to push him to the maximum size x
  14. Hi Sassy, i had mine with Dr Jib, very nice dr =)
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