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    Breast Implants and Lipo
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    Dr Kohout on October 17 2013
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    165cm 60kg 12B

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  1. I'm 3 weeks post op and my right boob is still significantly numb. Can feel the nerves regenerating though. Apparently it can take up to a year to get feeling back if it comes back at all.
  2. My BA/Lipo was on 17/10/13. Currently just really sore in all the lipo areas, BA wise, breasts feel like they are sunburnt, nerves are all crazy. Hurts to wear a bra. I had really good pec muscle movements on my right side, so that side sometimes feels weird because I can feel the implant move. One nipple is definately lower then the other. But my boobs are the same size Quite happy. Can't wait for all of the pain to go away and I can exercise again.
  3. I have to wear it for 6 weeks. The first week post op all I wore was a strap.
  4. They feel better out of a bra. maybe the bra is too tight and thats what is causing the tightness in the boob? It's not so much a pain, just a compression, like something is constantly squeezing my breast. It's also my dominant hand. I don't have any pain meds left. I take ibuprofen occasionally when the bruising gets really tender. It just confuses me because with most case studies I've read, the tight boob is generally still quite high. but mine has dropped considerably whilst my other one hasn't dropped much at all but has no pain
  5. Hi All! I got my BA done 9 days ago and I understand that I'm still healing, but paranoia is my thing. My right boob is a lot tighter then my left. It feels as though it is in a vice. Although it has dropped more then my left. I got lipo at the same time as my BA and my right side had bruised quite severely from the middle of my chest, under my boob and up to my arm pit. It was black. So I can understand why that side was more painful. My rightie isn't hard to touch, just feels it. So is this normal?
  6. Awesome! I had my surgery with Dr Kohout on 18/10. I got 445cc subglandular round and I got liposuction done at the same time, but I couldn't recommend him and his team highly enough. My boobs look natural already! You'll have a great experience.
  7. I went through Dr Mark Kohout. I paid up front because I had the money. But he has a payment plan. $3500 up front and $139 a week (I think) for a year. Amazing results. Im only 7-8 days post op and they look natural (still sore as hell). I got lipo too which is what's causing the pain. Total cost for me was $16k with boobs and lipo to 3 areas.
  8. I have polytech 445cc round implants. It only happens when I try too hard to do something like open my closet or pick up my puppy
  9. Had my post-op appointment today! Healing nicely. Right boob is more tender then the left Bought a sports bra from bras n things. Size16E. Puppies are so tight right now, not sure if from all the walking and over exertion or the bra. I get squelching noises/feelings in my right boob too. Leftie has dropped more. Can't wait to be painfree. Had a bit of buyers remorse.
  10. Woooooo! got boobies yesterday. 445cc medium profile. Lipo is killing me though. Massive bruise under my right boob. Its about 15cm long and 3cm deep. So painful. Feels like I've done too many pushups and situps and I have a papercut. (i got lipo on my neck, my upper back, my muffin top and my ribs (under boobs) ) but so happy with the girls. I just want to play with them. I was originally going to go for 390cc, but changed my mind last minute. So glad I did, I feel it suits my body frame better.
  11. Boobies in 2 days! So excited! I'm worried I'll freak out just before surgery
  12. My BA/lipo is with dr mark kohout. I've got a consult to decide final size on friday morning. Was suggested 390cc xhp. Don't know if it will be big enough. Ahhh so excited! Can't wait!
  13. I consulted with Dr Bernard Belholm. Dr. Nastaran Alavi and Dr Mark Kohout. Out of the 3, I went with Dr Kohout. However I have heard that Tavakoli and Miroshnik are amazing too.
  14. I had a consult with Beldholm. To be honest, out of all the surgeons I saw. He was the least professional. He didn't bother taking any measurements. Just told me to put on a sports bra and shoved different sized implants in there. Didn't bother checking my breast width etc.
  15. I'm booked in for BA and Lipo on Oct 17! 59 days. Can't wait!
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