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  1. thanks for the info ill have a look at the pages now... know of any admin positions available?? Haha
  2. Omg im lucky to massage twice a day. Mine are sso soft and squishy though.
  3. Just wanting to see if anyone has any advice re looking into work in the mining industry. im thinking about my future and thought maybe its a good way to work really hard for a few years and earn some good money. would be looking into administration jobs, fly in fly out because I want to keep living in Melbourne.. anyone have any advice??
  4. Yeah stomach bloating. All the drugs can make you constipated. I didn't want to deal with that so I was straight on the laxatives haha
  5. Also I didn't want to be bloated so I took laxatives the day after surgery and was fine with only minor bloating. Would highly recommend doing that haha.
  6. I flew from Phuket to Melbourne 4 days after surgery. It was fine
  7. With the gel polish you can't have any on your skin or cuticle when you cure it as it will just feel off. Also need to make sure you push your cuticles back before you pain them. Do thin layers, not too thick of they will just feel off. Use a toothpick to draw around the nail and clean up any accidents before curing. This is the best way to make it last. For normal polish, Essie quick dry top coat is the best I've used
  8. I wore full make up into surgery. One nurse said it had tto come off, one said it didn't,.. Guess which one i listened to? Haha. i hate not wearing make up. By the day after my surgery, I could do my full face, brush my hair and tie it up into a high bun. i got my hair blow waved 6 days after surgery. Then by 11 days I could wash my own hair
  9. Yeah mine was apparently small but my surgeon just lowered my crease by 2cms.
  10. Inde I haven't bought any more Lorna Jane crops, wanted to wait and see what size I end up before I do
  11. So I just tried on one of my old bras... Doesn't even fit half of my boob and I'm 11 days PO big tittys come at me!
  12. Yeah I can't imagine going back to that job 12 days after. Im 11 days today and still struggle with regular things like opening heavy doors. Even car doors sometimes. You just don't realise what muscles you use until you can't use them. please try to have more time off.
  13. kle008

    Reactions to botox

    I've only ever had a tiny bruise on my forehead once. I get bad Botox headaches though so have some Panadol rapid on hand just in case
  14. I feel like they are me already. It's just sometimes I move and I'm like oh woops! And realise that I've just had surgery to insert a foreign object into me hahah.
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